Islamic Jihad announces ceasefire, sirens still heard in Gaza border communities
Published: 14.11.19, 08:26
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1. Mladenov is a fig leaf of Jihad with his "ALL"
ab   (11.14.19)
2. Did Netanyahu give Katz permission to speak?
Or has Katz gone rogue?
3. Terros fear 2 things-Target assasinations& High rise collaps
Alan ,   SA   (11.14.19)
4. New book from Hamas Press Publishers" No BooHoo for Baha"
Alan ,   SA   (11.14.19)
5. Islamic Jihad committing crimes against Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.14.19)
No sooner was there just a few weeks of quiet and respite in Gaza and people picking up the pieces from the last round of conflict..these vermin crawl out of their holes to start ANOTHER..this time selling their souls for their paymasters in Iran

And yet again Gaza reaps the destruction while the so called IJ elite LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK

IJ are corrupt, brutal, violent and EVIL and Gaza needs and WILL clear out this vermin from our midst...NO IJ should feel safe in Gaza
6. Whatever, not interested. All we want is Bibi gone and some-
body that is willing to take the situation seriously, to start putting the fear of Allah into black souls of Arab thugs in Gaza (and everywhere else).
7. Bibi: Truce, but every IJ leader will be targeted.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.14.19)
Take it or leave it.
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