Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
The valuable lessons of the IDF operation against Islamic Jihad
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 15.11.19, 13:45
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1. As a joke, the headline is spot on. WHAT have we learned?
That netanyahu & Co are the same as they were 5-9 years ago?
Yes, people don't change, not really.
2. The question for the Million........
Claudio   (11.15.19)
What have Bibi done in 12 years to avoid this confrontation......????
He only gived vitamins to grow and time to make enough missiles and rockets to the enemy.....
This is not a success of Bibi, is simply a great success of the IDF.
3. Couldn't an Iron Dome missile backtrack the incoming?
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.15.19)
What if the Iron Dome were really two missiles in one? The offensive segment would detach from the defensive segment a second or two before the defensive segment blows up the incoming rocket.

The offensive segment would pick up the smoke/chemical/heat/air disruption trail of the terrorist's rocket and follow it back to the point of origin. This would give the terrorists a very short time to remove the rocket launcher and hide.

And even if the launch team had managed to get away, the 'finder' segment would follow the trail to its source and destroy whatever it was- a basement doorway, a covered pit, a rooftop.

The terrorists, and everyone around them, would know that launching a rocket from their yard, their covered patio, their underground hideout, would always result in that structure being destroyed.

Would you let IJ or Hamas launch a rocket from your property if you knew with certainty that it would receive a rocket in return?

IDF, Rafael, surely you must have the capability to backtrack a rocket's heat/chemical/smoke trail to its origin and deliver a bomb to it. So let's get this operational quickly!

Any IDF or Rafael engineers reading? Please tell us your thoughts!
4. Let's make seder, Iron Dome - alarms sound, rocket fired...
NYC   (11.15.19)
rocket explodes and Israel then says it shot down an Arab rocket, with zero actual evidence for anything except an alarm sounding, Iron Dome rocket fired and there is an explosion in flight. LOL
5. Good, but...
Andre ,   Clichy   (11.15.19)
Good analysis, but for God's sake, can't you send him to some crash English class such as TOEFL? He cannot be published in the West, his Pidgin English will simply not do....
6. mr
steve gure   (11.15.19)
The small victory was not followed up. The rockets are still coming and Gaza is still functioning against Israel
7. Nothing learned, nothing gained except my utter contempt for
our idiots/ amateur? politicians & their supportive cretins at the top of otherwise fantastic IDF!
8. Most of PIJ were away at interTero football match in Lebanon
Alan ,   SA   (11.16.19)
otherwise, they would have done much better..
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