Israelis in south brace for more rockets as barrages continue despite Gaza ceasefire
Elior Levy and Matan Tzuri
Published: 15.11.19, 00:09
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1. The Gazans are asking for war
Bar Star ,   Haifa   (11.14.19)
They are not innocent civilians. They are taught to hate Jews from age zero. Does our government and Supreme court listen? Please give them the war, a real one.
The Government of Israel and the IDF are handling ,or managing a difficult or impossible situation remarkably well and I ,as an israeli citizen ,am enormously grateful and appreciative of the Government and the Prime Minister and the police and security services who do a great job 24/ 7 . They help to keep us all safe and protect us against the hateful mob in Gaza .And I appreciate that ,to some extent ,Israel has its hands tied under international law and so must box clever with gazans.I hope and pray that this awful rocket fire will cease soon and the poor israeli residents of the south of the country can resume normal life ,may G-d bless them and protect them.
3. Pathetic honchoes of IDF contra Gaza's "public opinion"
ab   (11.14.19)
4. Netanyahu has sealed his fate in the eyes of public, even
stalwart likudniks like me....
Sad ending to otherwise excellent PM.
5. Islamic Jihad will never keep a cease fire
C   (11.14.19)
these islamic fanatics do not keep any western style agreements.
they believe only in the laws of sharia.
sharia allows muslims to lie to all infidels.

it is certain that tomorrow, friday, these fanatics, will once again engage
"in their right of return."
they will attempt to breach the border and murder idf soldiers and
israeli civilians.
islamic jihad, hamas, and basically all "palestinians," believe that
all of israel is sacred muslim land.
in this, the shia terrorists of iran support them. otherwise, why
do they keep threatening the annihilation of the jewish state
of israel
muslims have already ethnically cleansed islamic states of jews,
christians, jazidis.
6. TEL EM STRAIGHT- spot on comment
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.15.19)
Whilst Gaza has no limits and fires into Israeli population centers,Israel has to be mindful of international law,as every little thing we do is put under a microscope.
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