Israel strikes Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza overnight
Ynet, Agencies
Published: 15.11.19, 08:47
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1. Dr.
Jonathan Finkelstein ,   Ellicott City   (11.15.19)
I appreciate the desires of Islamic Jihad Gazans to celebrate their dead at mass public funerals but it seems very inconsistent to allow these events with Israelis' desires to educate their children rather than spending their days and nights in bomb shelters. From the photo included in the article, the "mourners" appear to be militants, not civillians.
2. Agreeing to a ceasefire makes us
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.15.19)
Look weak.There should be no ceasefire on the Israeli side until Jihad Islamic capitulates,borders should be closed and no transport of goods or materials.
Either Bibi wakes up eventually or stands down.
3. Did they really expect Islamic Jihad to keep to ceasefire?
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.15.19)
When Islamic Jihad begs the UN and Egypt for a ceasefire then there is a ceasefire. Islamic Jihad playing with Israeli leaders.
4. Make no mistake
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.15.19)
IJ are just a putrid bunch of thugs running around causing mayhem on the instructions of their equally putrid paymasters in Iran

So are Hamas so cowed, so scared that they look on while IJ are dictating events and pushing Gaza to the brink?

Are Hamas so emasculated that are unable to stand up to this filth that reputedly number no more than 400?
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