Israel to probe 'unexpected' civilian casualties in Gaza strike
Published: 15.11.19, 23:48
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1. Does PIJ,Hamas Hez conduct enquiries when they kill Israeli
Alan ,   SA   (11.16.19)
civilians (as opposed to IDF personnel)? Will USA conduct an enquiry for killing Bagdaddy's wives and his children in that tunnel under his house. ???? Do me a favour!
2. Terrorist leaders ALWAYS surround themselves with women and
Alan ,   SA   (11.16.19)
children as shields.. So trying to eliminate them without collateral damage to women and children is hopeless..NO CHANCE. Also, they hide under hospitals, creches, and kindergartens. But they have no problem bombing children's schools and school buses in Israel..So why such remorse on Israel's side.It is the way to defend our selves.
3. Is that of any concern to Israelis? I don't think so.
4. Our holier than Thou IDFF-brass should've captured that SOB
and sent him to a "rehabilitation - clinic", thus sparing this precious human life...
Idiots: we don't care how many Islamic thugs & offspring died, don't you get it by now?!
5. If an IJ or Hama's missile had hit
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.16.19)
A house in Israel killing the occupants (which is basically their intention) would they in turn hold an enquiry to determine why civilians had died? No.
Why does Israel feel the necessity to do this? Because we value life and we do not parade our bodies for a media show.Life is cheap in Gaza at least those of the population who are used as pawns.Israel left Gaza,Gaza doesn't want to leave us,prefering to milk the whole situation while UNWRA,Qatar and various aid provide the means for terrorists to live in the style they are used to.
6. They have achieved "Martyrdom" so Israel need not sweat it.
Truth It Up, Baby! ,   Jihadiville   (11.16.19)
Paradise and many checks shall follow.
7. A
A   (11.16.19)
8. So pleased to read 8 yr old girl from Holon is much better.
Alan ,   SA   (11.16.19)
Heart Arrhythmia seemed to be the cause. Refuah Shleima to her!
9. Idiotic IDF honches spoil even the meagre success achieved
ab   (11.16.19)
Just hide behind children and be safe, the message sent to terror goons.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (11.16.19)
The same result would have happened. Loss of civilian lives is sad, but since Israel has better defense and no dead so far, then Israel is called a criminal. The naive world fails to understand this. If the Kurds shut 450 rockets at Turkey ,then the WANABE Sultan would have killed thousands for revenge.
11. Wasted effort. Not needed. Not required.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.16.19)
Israel should not be pulling its hair out about these deaths. People die in war and that's a fact that IJ and Hamas know for a fact.

The fact that they STILL launch missiles at Israel proves that they have no regard for the lives of their own people, since they know Israel's response may injure or kill some of them.

IJ's and Hamas's rocket launches against Israel are therefore crimes against humanity and the World Court should charge them as such.

Why don't we hear a peep from them?

Again, Israel should stop any investigations of casualties in Gaza. That's a fool's errand.
12. thank you goldstone
jay   (11.17.19)
goldstone harmed israel deterrence without a doubt. fighting asymmetric armies is not easy unless you follow russian methods. even now, trump has widened USA rules of engagement to the point where bombing is almost indiscriminate.

i have heard some idf heads almost bragging about being the most moral army. hitting eimpty buildings, roof knocking, conducting inquiries about enemy casualites, sanctionning idf soldiers for giving elbow smashes. all this is fine if you wish to have hamasniks laughing their asses off and israeii soldier victims.

of course israel should not enter the casbah and fight directly. it must use asymmetric methods and special methods. first the laws of warfare must be changed to allow more methods against terror armies hiding behind civilians. this is especially important for democracies.
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