Israel estimates Hamas behind rockets fired at Be'er Sheva
Yoav Zitun, Ilana Curiel, Matan Tzuri, Elior Levy
Published: 16.11.19, 14:57
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1. Either they are begging for an all-out war or teasing us
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.16.19)
with their ceasefire bullshit. Tell Egypt to stop putting their noses into
this rigamarole and let Israel and Gaza fight it out.
2. Court martial IDF honchoes for making excusesfor Hamas,they'
ab   (11.16.19)
re paid by and supposed to defend people of Israel, not hateful Gazans!!!!!!!!!!
3. laws of warfare
james   (11.16.19)
democracies have to formulate new laws of warfare vis a vis terrror armies using human shields.

israel must use land rockets to equalitze terror and maintain pressure until air, naval and artillery beyond land forces are ready.

idf simply refuses to use land rockets.

does the hague care if hamas or hezbollah fire land rockets into israel. of course not. yet israel does not do likewise.gazans have to be running for shelters as israelis do.

one side fights dirty, the other side fights with clean hands. the nazis would not have been defeated until the ruskies, brits and americans used dirty methods.

most moral army- for people who want to perish, that is what most moral army means.
4. terrorist missiles
g.   (11.16.19)
this is how china deals with its potential terrorist problem
5. And that is significant to "Israel" because?! "Israel" does
NOTHING to protect its citizens, except some fancy, pseudo-high tech reactions to constant Muslim aggression from Gaza.
To hell with this government and the "irreplaceable" Bibi.
I for one, have had it.
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