With days left to form government, Gantz under attack from Netanyahu
Moran Azulay
Published: 17.11.19, 09:59
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1. a shameful spectacle.
tiki ,   belgium   (11.17.19)
Ganz under influence from his three coalition partners is to weak to make a point, join Netanyahu and form a government.

Especially Lapid prefers the Arabs over the 'Haredim'. Shame on him!

When Ganz is so weak opposite his partners, how will he profile himself against the hostile world.

Lapid & Liberman. These 2 disruptive elements should be neutralized.

Better elections now than in 6 month when this "government" will fail it"s objective....to serve the State of Israel & it's citizens.
2. the problem is Lapid pulling Gatz strings
zionist forever   (11.17.19)
They do not want the right wing bloc partly because the left wing bloc is smaller and even without the left wing bloc Gantz has 1 seat more so is the senioor partner and if Liberman was also part this coalition be even worse because he has no love for Netanyahu.
With the right wing bloc Netanyahu enters in a position of strength whilst alone whatever the makeup of this coalition he is in a position of weakness.

Lapid also wants Netanyahu to be second in rotation because he believes he will be forced to step down within the first two years and if that happens then second in the rotation will be Lapid just like he and Gantz planned as a condition of Lapid joining forces with Gants.
Take Lapid out the picture and there could be a deal which includes the right wing bloc, a left wing bloc to balance things and a rotation with Netanyahu going first but as long as lapid is pulling the strings we will probably have either a minority government or an election.
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