Sources: Trump 'frustrated' and 'disappointed' with Netanyahu, Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 17.11.19, 10:53
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1. I don’t believe a word
Boaz   (11.17.19)
Fabulation (fabrication) of left wing wishful thinker
2. Typical fake news in media during Trump era
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.17.19)
No verified sources, only insinuations and baseless opinions.

Rafik the Arab is an idiot
3. Well surprisingly Trump is not the only
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.17.19)
World leader that thinks Bibi is a Muppet.
4. Trump is a short-term win for Bibi, but
a long-term liability for Israel. We may well miss Obama one day.
5. Netanyahu is a loser..he has shown this every day..its time
Al   (11.17.19)
He is shown the door.

Unfortunately gantz is a bigger loser.

Witness how the idf is totally pussified.

They can't fight their way out of a paper bag.

Jesus christ how israel has fallen.
6. Unsourced "sources" never got any paper published
Jake   (11.17.19)
nor any thesis accepted for a degree by any accredited institution.
Yet somehow, journalists think they can get away with this nonsense and claim credibility.
Either disclose your sources, or shut up.
7. Trump wants to introduce DEAL OF CENTURY but IL Politicians
Alan ,   SA   (11.17.19)
are messing around. Can you blame Pres Trump if he calls the whole thing off and tells Bibi Ganz Lieberman to go play and fight somewhere else . Does anyone expect Pres Trump to get involved in DEAL OF THE CENTURY right in the middle,e of his election campaign??? Remember there is just over 11 months to Nov election day and still, the politicians are squabbling.
8. My two-cents worth :
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.17.19)
It seems to me that today's politicians (U.S. + Israel + others) are totally
thinking only of themselves and not of the populace of the country they
represent. Give me one example of a ruler that really cares about the people.
9. Trump respects Assad and Nasrala beacause they are winners
Lucilius   (11.17.19)
Remember how he backed the Kurdish people. Our Allies. The people that laid down their lives to destroy a global threat. All to protect his name on two apartment towers in Istanbul and do Putin's bidding. That is not fiction. It really happened. He has a white Jewish white supremacist as a key adviser who he's defending. The list of Horrors he's committed would fill pages and pages. How can anyone support this monster.
10. Who want's an ally like Trump?
N ,   N   (11.17.19)

Rafi ,   US   (11.17.19)
Except Israel will pay a much heavier price for supporting its thief...

This is what happens when you let Machneh Yehuda and Elor Azaria determine your foreign policy...
12. Trump is disappointed
Chuck ,   SF, USA   (11.18.19)
Oh no! Bibi better get right back to Washington with his crumpled hat in his hand!
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