Opinion  Sever Plocker
Likud and Blue and White are more frenemies than rivals
Sever Plocker
Published: 17.11.19, 15:14
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1. Know what: just do it! B&W and Likud , NO bloody Liberman!
2. To quote a very smart and clever man...
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (11.17.19)
"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" ......Albert Einstein

Another election will cost the country dearly, in both money and faith AND will still yield the same results - why? because nothing changed!! These Stupids cannot get their act together.
3. unity government is inclusive government
zionist forever   (11.17.19)
With the right wing bloc he enters negotiations from a position of power but if he gives them up he loses all his power becomes the junior partner.
Assuming its just a coalition of Likud & BW then Gantz has 1 seat more than Likud, if the coalition is the two big parties and Liberman then thats even worse for Netanyahu considering Liberman dislikes him personally. If Gantz adds the leftwig bloc Netanyahu really is in trouble.

Lapid is pulling the strings and he doesnt want the right because they include the religious parties who he hates, he is not a right winger himself and he doesnt want to see Netanyahu empowered.
Lapid also wants Netanyahu to go second in ths rotation because he doesnt believe Netanyahu will be around for two years and if he doesnt the rotation iss as planned between Lapid and Gantz but if Netanyahu were to go first the rotation would be Netanyahu & Gantz wth Lapid left out in the cold.

In this case probably the best coalition would be Netanyahu and his right wing allies and Gantz with any leftist parties that might wat to join him to counter the right this way both sides have allies, the coalition woud be stable and it really would be a UNITY GOVERNMENT.

There is o justification to form minority government with arabs because you dont like religious or right and you do not have unity if its just two parties or the two maiin parties and Liberman, nnity is wide ranging.
4. Completely horsesh-t opinion...
Eliyahu   (11.17.19)
The citizens would rather have another election than give any of these sobs the reigns of government.

It is the politicians that can't sit behind their desks and get fat that don't want another election. The public will vote less and less because the politicians are more and more immoral.
5. Election
Alice Monika dinter ,   Givataim, Israel   (11.17.19)
The Israelis declairt by election tha
6. B&W is centre right while Likud is now extreme right
Shachar ,   Eilat   (11.18.19)
haredic-Messianic. That doesn't leave a lot in common though still doable if you got rid of Bibi....who only wants an immunity gov't.
7. Differences in Separation of Powers and the Use of Populism
Arjon Cohen   (11.18.19)
In terms of economics and international politics Likud and Blue&White may not be so far apart. However there are significant differences in how the trias politica -separation of powers is applied. It is about how pending indictments regarding Bibi's possible corruption are being handled, but it is also about Azariah, the state ombudsman, it is about the handling of settlements established without government permits. It is about the use of populism against state institution and processes, against minorities in order to stay in power.
8. Disturbing so many Israelis are fooled by B&W
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.18.19)
There is a world of difference between Likud and Blue and White. Likud was established as a patriotic vehemently right wing party. That is in its constitution and it's DNA, though it often doesn't live up to either.

On the other hand, Blue and White is a fake leftist party with no constitution and no purpose except for attaining power. B&W is led by a man who failed at everything he did in life, from the army to business. Like water, B&W is formless. It will take any form it needs to take to get power. It is disturbing so many Israelis are fooled by Blue and White.
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