Opinion  Shimon Shiffer
Lies, damned lies and the Gaza Strip
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 17.11.19, 23:42
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1. Even Schiffer, the professional Never Bibist, can have
a point once in a while (like that broken clock).
Netanyahu (our government) has no clear will to win/subdue/eradicate Gaza terror or provide security: call it what you please.
I can hardly imagine any other country in the world, willing to accept agresion from neighboring lands without at least TRYING to pulverise the guilty part.
not so with our anointed Ones.... go figure.
Yet we insist, that "only Likud Can"..
probably was very quick and precise for the moment .The bulgarian UN representative for this GAZA issues IS APPARENTLY VERY SKILLED .IN SPITE OF ALL THAT the USUAL ramdomness in the MIDDLE EAST conflicts that involucrate religious fanatics like Islamic arabs from Gaza and the messianic ultras religious of the Hebrew side (some of them with access to the Israel Government unfortunately) MAKE EACH CEASEFIRE AS WEAK AS A LEAF FROM A LITTLE TREE .LETS WAIT AND SEE IN NEXT DAYS WHAT HAPPENS
3. Gaza: Isr.Gov. TOOL for brainwashing & manipulating israelis
TheWall   (11.18.19)
4. We watched what they did to Kahane...
Epstein Was ,   Clinton's Pimp   (11.18.19)
and we knew at once there was no desire to deal with this issue. Just kick it to the curb. Again and again and again.

So, since we're playing patty cake and pretend, let's bring over some of the US "coexistence" groups, some trans rabbis, maybe throw a reform mullah into the mix, if one exists, and sing, "This Land is your Land," and "Kumbaya," until the next round of attacks.

5. Like Lieberman,Bennett goes from big mouth to wimp.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.18.19)
They talk a good game but are afraid to actually do something.
6. Pretty silly article
...to say the least. I guess the author knows the real solution for Gaza. He just forgot to spell it out shile busy spitting his hatred to Bibi
7. Nothing New Under the Sun in Israel
JOSEPH GOLDBERG ,   Guwsh   (11.18.19)
What was once a very dirty word associated with contemptible people, has been revived repeatedly by the PM. The word is 'propaganda' and its meaning is -information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc..Every time elections come around, the PM will cast Iraeli citizens who oppose him, Jewish and Arab alike as an existial threat to the state. The fact that they are members of the Knesset, elected by citizenry does not grant them immunity.
C   (11.18.19)
first, israel is surrounded by hundreds of millions of muslims. these
muslims will never accept a jewish sovereign stuck in their throats.
islam is a supremacist imperial ideology who until recently had
a stronghold on the world's energy production.
second, given islam's huge numbers and energy stronghold,
the west and others can be and have been blackmailed.
israel is strong, but israel cannot start wars that cannot be won
against the muslim world. it is a real miracle that israel has survived
in the face of so much hostility.
9. Nobody has the balls to do the right thing in Gaza
Shachar ,   Eilat   (11.18.19)
and that is to cut off all aid, power, water etc until the Gazans leave or kick Hamas out. Bibi is more than happy having Hamas lob rockets on the south...security threats and enemies are good for the poll numbers. Hell, the same people who get rockets on their heads every few weeks continue to vote for him, why would he do anything differently??? Nobody on either side is interested in solutions, the current status quo suits the politicians just fine.....
10. Reverse mad Gaza retreat which is the root cause
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.18.19)
You can't change what you don't acknowledge. Israel's leaders are not willing to admit the obvious fact that our mad Gaza retreat is an overwhelming disaster that MUST be totally reversed. It is the root cause of the continuous terror, rockets and wars we suffer from Gaza. We can not solve the Gaza problem till we, as a nation, admit this. Nor can we solve the Lebanon problem till we admit our Lebanon problems are also the result of another mad Israeli retreat. In fact, ALL our serious problems are direct results of mad Israeli retreats and concessions to "Palestinians".
11. Tell this to the dead.....
Eliyahu   (11.21.19)
....from rockets, stabbings, car rammings, etc. We could use a drop in our standard of living for an increase in honor.
12. Why the refrain?
Eliyahu   (11.21.19)
Over and over again the same flaccid excuses why we won't make them surrender. You ball less wonders forget 1969. You forget the arabs states have had the oil from before 1969.

But you threw in the energy stronghold because you knew your arguments are pathetic and worn out.
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