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IN PICTURES: Venice braces for another 'tough day'
Published: 17.11.19, 14:53
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1. Epiphanic events
Luchino Rofocale ,   Pavia, Lombardy   (11.17.19)
Occurrences like this, as well as that of St. Bartholomew's day in Amatrice-Sabina, that of Banda Aceh on a Christmas day, and many others, are not random catastrophes caused by global warming or climate change.

Pope Francis knows it very well, but prefers to shut up, perhaps because he mistakenly believes that speaking about the true cause would solve nothing. However, he tried twice, although in very allegorical ways, but criticism silenced him. But if he did, the planetary equilibrium would be restored and everything would return to its normal being.

The ultimate decision is in his hands.
2. #1 Luchino: Wordswords
Junipero Sabina ,   Montejaque, Spain   (11.18.19)
Your mention of the Amatrice event in the Sabina region makes me think that New Orleans will always remember Santa Sabina's day, and NASA will never forget the crossing of flight STS-107 over the Sabine River.

Coincidences or causalities?
3. No more pressing problem of overkill tourism for Venice
Cameron   (11.19.19)
Mother Nature steps in & drives off the plague of touristas.
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