Rivlin scolds Likud, Blue and White over government impasse
Itamar Eichner, Yuval Karni and Matan Tzuri
Published: 17.11.19, 18:51
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1. Chutzpah
Bar Star ,   Haifa   (11.17.19)
The majority of Israeli Jews are traditional and religious. The majority of Lieberman supporters are non-Jewish Russians. He should just shut up. He is the biggest obstacle in forming a unity government.
2. the majority did not vote for Gantz, Likud, Liberman pact
zionist forever   (11.18.19)
The majority of voters wanted a right wing government which is why Netanyahu controls a bloc of 55 whilst Gantz and the left only 44. Despite the fact he is siding with the leftist Gantz Liberman himself is a right winger at heart so giving up the right wing bloc is not necararry what the public want its what Liberman, Gantz and Lapid want as Liberman has this idea a future coalition should compise of the 2 big parties and himself only and obviously if Gantz is part of a right wing government he is the junior partner.

Lapid doesn't want a rotation where Netanyahu goes first because that means he looses his shot at beiing PM because Gantz takes over from Netanyahu rather than him taking over from Gantz and Lapid is puttling the strings in BW and always has been with Gantz being just the public face.
Netanyahu naturally wants to go first because it means during the indictment hearings he has PM immunity so everybody has a reason for this stalemate existing.

Best option Let Netanyahu go first ( sorry Lapid ) and keep the right wing bloc in exchange Gantz brings a left wing bloc so both Netanyahu and Gantz have allies and neither needs to feel like the junior partner.
Netanyahu had an opportunity to promote his deal and failed, Gantz is sticking to his same demands and getting nowhere so somebody has to give and in the end it will probably be Gantz anyway because if he doesnt form a coalition by Wednesday Rivlin will offer the mandate to anybody who can form a coalition in this case probably Netanyahu again because it would then be coalition or election so Gantz would feel real pressure to drop his ridiculous demands and join so this way we get a coalition of 99 and we can get on with life.
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