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10 shot, 4 killed at backyard football party in California
Associated Press
Published: 18.11.19, 10:10
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1. Them Yankees have peculiar tendencies, add to that the 2A
and you get mayhem without need for Muslim terror....
Is that a country I'd like to raise my kids in?
Nope, no way Jose....
2. Any commentator in this forum is understood to know...
Monica Is a Human ,   Humidor   (11.18.19)
about the Holocaust and what happens when Jews distance themselves from firearms.

A very peculiar tendency of this people, who have a monopoly on being among history's most persecuted, who then criticize and chastise those who would aspire to security in property and person...

Let me guess... you're into walk-in showers?
3. It's all in a nutshell, Gary Cooper in High Noon ...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.25.19)
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