Netanyahu: Minority government would be a gift for Iran, Hamas
Kobi Nachshoni, Yuval Karni
Published: 18.11.19, 16:06
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1. old recipy
freddy Hollander ,   Amsterdam   (11.18.19)
Mr. Netanyahu using his old remedy "project fear" again. It has worked in a number of elections. But in between elections his policies with regard to all the enemies of Israel have not proven to be succesfull. All the fractions that strive for the destruction of our state have grown in size, strength and capabilities. Do us a favor mr. N. Leave the scene and stop spreading fear. We have enough enemies on our borders and do not need the internal corrosion you have caused for decades.
2. shame on you
eli ,   TA   (11.18.19)
this is a very antisemitic remark - what's wrong about "‘wearing shtreimel and putting on tefillin"???!!!
Rafi ,   US   (11.18.19)
4. The gift to Iran is Netanyahu Government
After all...Netanyahu obsesses so very well about Iran all the while doing absolutely nothing!
Netanyahu is just a racist fear monger!
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