Israel welcomes U.S. reversal on settlements as Palestinians fume
Published: 18.11.19, 23:51
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1. I wonder, what else can the US do, in order for the cowardly
Israeli government to start acting like a Sovereign in our own Land?!
2. There never was peace process.Pals reject Jewish state.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.19.19)
Palestinians want to hear about everyone telling them how they are going to help destroy Israel. They don't want to hear about support for Israel.
3. 1967 captured? Stop lying. It was illegally stolen by Jordan
4. Leftist israeli Media on Suicide Watch over decision
LeftistsInMourning ,   Jerusalem   (11.19.19)
Post Zionists Media declare day of mourning Mainline tv ״ news”
channels to black out screens Valium shortage declared in Tel Aviv
5. United States thank you for your moral calirity of vision
C   (11.19.19)
the united states state department spent an entire year to come to
the correct conclusion that the settlements in judea and samaria do
not belong to the arabs.
nevertheless, without the approval of president trump and of
secretary pompeo, this conclusion would never have been approved.
special thanks to president trump and to secretary pompeo for
their moral clarity.
may they be blessed and may the united states be blessed till eternity.
6. If they fume...let's hope it's rabies!
7. Real peace process would be based on "Palestinian" departure
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.20.19)
It is natural law that "Palestinians" will attack and harm Jews every change they get and every way they can. "Palestinians" are an invented fictional people. "Palestinians" are mortal foes. A real peace process would be based on "Palestinian" departure from our land. Israel needs to learn, from China, how to treat enemies. China's harsh treatment of it's enemies is a major reason China's power and influence is constantly rising.
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