Israel says it intercepted 4 rockets fired from Syria
News agencies, Ynet
Published: 19.11.19, 08:24
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1. Well, if I were an Islamic Jew hater watching events in Gaza
Susan Rice ,   Is a Clown   (11.19.19)
I too would reckon that shooting fusillades of rockets into Israel is a win-win situation: Drive the Jews nuts, get much of the gentile world to attack Israel for defending itself, study, analyze and create counter measures for Israeli capabilities, win more western/Gulf funding for my people, and all I lose is some empty buildings. With any luck at all some of my people get killed eliciting sympathy from the clueless West and condemnation of Israel by the UN. Maybe even see some Israeli officers get accused of war crimes. Reload. Repeat.
2. Israel has already retaliated
C   (11.20.19)
israel lives in the pockets of the genocidal shia terrorists.
israel knows where the al quds forces are positioned and takes them out.
soleimani's days are numbered.
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