What does Egypt's el-Sisi really want?
Shlomo Nakdimon
Published: 30.11.19, 18:23
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1. How can you??! All Egyptians want is to bond with Zion!
2. Israel should never trust Arabs, they are untrustworthy
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.30.19)
The moment it does this will be the end of Israel.

Rafik the Arab is an idiot
3. What does Sisi really want? Uh, how about, power?
Truth ,   Truthville   (11.30.19)
If Israel would start decisively winning conflicts like it did a few decades ago, we might find that Israel's ability to broker terms in its favor would increase in a manner proportional to such power. Mr. Begin's tenure probably marked the zenith of Israel's military power in the post-WWII era. In the 1980's Iran and Iraq were incapable of defeating each other, Saudi was terrified of Israeli reach, Hezbollah was on the run from Israel, the PLO wasn't safe in Tunis, Jordan hid behind de facto Israeli security assurances and the Americans couldn't function in the region without crashing helicopters, getting CIA station chiefs killed, and hundreds of Marines blown up at a time.
My, how times have changed.

4. BEGIN and SADAT were GIANTS.NO one GIANT now in either side
5. With all the fuzzy warm feelings Egypt votes against Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.01.19)
always in all the international forums and supports Arab League hateful rethoric
6. Stop miserable talks!
PermReader   (12.03.19)
Israel` weakness of the talks with all terrorists ,grows appetites of the neighbours. Be strong and no conspiracy theories will be needed.
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