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Israeli settlers and the Palestinians they live among
Published: 19.11.19, 12:24
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1. Land for Peace: Arabs must relinquish claims to Jewish land.
Jake   (11.19.19)
2. Headline wrong 100%: Arabs living among Jews on JEWISH
Now you can continue spinning your tales of "Palestinians".....
3. If it wasn't so tragic it would be funny
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (11.19.19)
It's like squabbling children in the schoolyard who invoke all kinds of justification - the Bible, the Naqba, the flying spaghetti monster, and goodness knows what else - in order to get their own way. No-one faces reality ; the Jews are there and the Arabs are there. There is no such thing as a Jewish land or an Arab land. Much the same way as territorial disputes all over the world have have had to be settled with trade-offs (over the centuries Poland has shifted its borders westwards and eastwards). Work out a pragmatic solution which gives everyone something but not necessarily everything they demand. If it's separation of the two peoples with two separate states then so be it. If it's one state then everyone must be enfranchised in a non-sectarian, democratic country. Or, Israel can continue to try to exercise its superior firepower to impose its will and look forward to endless conflict, death and destruction. I guess it's a kind of solution.
4. Muslim occupiers usurping Land of Israel: won’t fly!!!
5. Not "occupied" territories!
Eric ,   Montreal   (11.19.19)
How can the land where the settlements are built be called occupied territory? There was never an official country there after the Romans destroyed Israel. These territories were controlled by the Romans first and then by the Ottomans and the British. The Israelis are building these settlements in empty areas, they are not kicking out the Arabs.
These are "disputed" territories not "occupied".
6. How Funny
Ahmed   (11.20.19)
An occupier never admits that he is wrong.
7. Disingenuous picture propaganda
Rachel   (11.20.19)
That is a VERY disingenuous picture... it would imply that all Palestinians are living in poverty and all Jews in wealth.. that is a Bedouin tent..

Furthermore one trip down route 60 in the West Bank and the Palestinian cars and villas which are far beyond my income and potential indicate how this picture is pure propaganda.
8. Palestinians include millionaires, mansions like any group
9. An International/internal problem>ISR-ARABconflict+Fanatics
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