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Lithuania to issue first-ever euro coin featuring Hebrew inscription
Itamar Eichner and Ilan Levinsohn
Published: 20.11.19, 11:33
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1. If Jews would not have been wiped out there,Lith could have
Alan ,   SA   (11.20.19)
been one of the most powerful countries in EU today in all fields..-96% were murdered.
2. what moron thinks this up
huge mistake   (11.23.19)
bad, very bad idea
3. wow national symbol
Matas   (11.28.19)
Wow, so national symbol somehow relates to Nazis now?
It doesn't make any sense at all.
It is everywhere... it is on government documents, army squads and so on...
Bald Eagle, US national emblem is nazi too?
Is it just targeted harassment of Lithuanians to bash them for some kind of gilt of nazis crimes or what?
4. Bad choice of symbols.
Peter ,   London   (11.28.19)
I understand the symbolism of menorah and the columns of gedeminids, but it just seems inappropriate to me, to take a sacred symbol like menorah and then augment it. I am not religious, but imagine if you took a cross with Jesus and then defiled it to fit some sort of symbol into it. Just doesn't seem right. They could really have found a better way to depict Lithuanian Jews. Also it just seems wrong that the columns of gedeminids are not part of menorah but are levitating above it. Makes me associate it more with that the middle of menorah was ripped out in order to become a place holder for that symbol. If they were part of menorah I feel it would be more appropriate.
5. NOTHING "nazi" or hateful about it.
Mike ,   Vilnius   (02.01.20)
The symbol in the menorah is the "columns of Gediminas", not only used since the middle ages, but also a symbol the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, possibly the most Jewish-friendly nation until Lithuania was occupied by the Russian Empire. It's a national symbol, used even on Lithuania military uniforms of NATO and other peacekeeping missions.
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