Off-duty cop implicated in killing of Ethiopian teen charged with negligent homicide
Ahiya Raved, Yael Freidson
Published: 19.11.19, 14:59
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1. Here we go again: uncontrollable rage of "Ethiopians" next.
2. A stone vs a gun - Yes he needs to answer for this
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (11.19.19)
He didn't follow protocol and a young man's life ended prematurely because of it.
3. unjust indictment
JR   (11.19.19)
"We took into account the fact that the officer had stones hurled at him by the deceased" - and we should feel sorry for the deceased?
4. Unfair to the Policeman
Spylee ,   Herzliya   (11.19.19)
Oh well... Same in the IDF when you get stones and molotov cocktails thrown at you you can't shoot back. But I guess the judge had no choice to give a lighter sentence or otherwise the streets will burn again
5. Law by Riot
Tony ,   Holon   (11.19.19)
We are moving away from the rule of Law and rule by whatever group is decides to riot. They burned cars and rioted and our "justice" system caved into them.
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