UN rights office says Israeli settlements remain unlawful
Published: 19.11.19, 15:12
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1. How can the settlements be on occupied territories?
Eric ,   Montreal   (11.19.19)
There was never a "country" in those territories. They were controlled by the Romans, the Turks and then the British. Israel is not building settlements where there are Arab villages and towns. They are building in empty areas of these territories. The US is right in supporting.
2. Jews settling Judea is a "war crime", but not PLO murders?
Jake   (11.19.19)
The UN is a stain on humanity, and should be dismantled entirely.
3. If bho had done it.....
Eliyahu   (11.19.19) would have been gospel. Of course he would only take land from Yisrael.
4. “Palestinians”are DOA, bloody about time too!
5. World just cares because it's about Jews.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.19.19)
World doesn't care about Russia in Crimea or India in Kashmir. Jews should tell UN to choke on its bias. Israel will do as it sees fit, Everybody else does so too.
6. Just like the Trump impeachment-scam: everybody knows it's
a lie, but they go ahead with it anyway.
Same with Eurabia: they do as they please, because the "people" couldn't care less about "Truth".
It's only politicians (before elections) that take to the high road of "democracy/justice/truth" and such BS.
All "people" want is bloody bacon on their plates! (or gefilte fish if you're a Jew)
7. Ynet why continue to spread anti Jewish propaganda?
8. above
moishe   (11.20.19)
how many countries ignore UN laws and continue to do so.
9. This was long overdue
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (11.20.19)
The International Court of Justice is a UN institution and has never been fair to Israel. Geneva tsalks about WW2 and was obsoletethe moment it began, because |Arabs were excluded from the convention.
10. Mandate only gives political rights to the Jewish nation
11. Mandate encourages Jewish settlement on any public land
12. Mandate denies right to cede the territory to another power
13. UN charter a80 enshrined mandate in international law
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