Gantz concedes failure, cannot form government
Published: 20.11.19, 23:35
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2. Israel is making Italy look like professionals.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.20.19)
Rivlin should state, very clearly, that if a government can't be put together in the next few days, he will call for new elections and existing elected candidates will be disqualified and an entirely new list will be brought in.

Enough is enough is enough.

This behavior is proof that Israel's form of government doesn't work. Get rid of them all and bring in new faces.
3. Compulsory voting, as Liberman wants, is no solution as
it will only result in more dissatisfied voters choosing "petek lavan". A complete overhaul and streamlining of the Israeli government is the only solution.
4. Democracy is not working. Time limits are needed
Rich ,   Toronto   (11.20.19)
for elected officials. No more than two terms.
5. Ganz doesn't need Lapid.It will help him get religious vote.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.20.19)
Like the old-time labour-religious coalitions.
6. Michelle Norman
Zvika ,   Jerusalem   (11.20.19)
What exactly did Gafni steal? Oh, you mean obtaining budgets for the orthodox Jews. I see. And when the State allocates funds for Arab citizens of Israel, is that also stealing? Or only when orthodox Jews receive funds for the State budget is it considered "stealing "?
7. Arabs . Jews, Haredim...............
Philip ,   Northern Israel   (11.21.19)
What a lot of nonsense ,all these divisions. We are ALL citizens. Get religion out of politics its a poison in thel system and siphons off money urgently needed for other things. As things stand we are a looney bin state. Time to recalibrate and make a fresh start.
8. Gantz you Lost
Hayyim Edinburg ,   Ra'anana   (11.21.19)
Gantz you lost and you will never be prime minister. Your attempts to disenfranchise 20 % of the Jewish population are to say the least disgusting in the extreme. It is time for you to express your regrets, as a Jew and a gentleman to all those whom you tried to eliminate.
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