Vatican says Israeli-Palestinian peace process at risk after U.S. move
Published: 20.11.19, 15:44
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1. Smelly clerics want to rule as in Middle Ages
ab   (11.20.19)
2. Sorry,Holiness,us Jews have returned to stay.Wanderings over
Alan ,   SA   (11.20.19)
3. I can accept this statement from a body that believes in
virgin ( immaculate!) conception.
4. RISK?
ALAN ,   WINDSOR   (11.20.19)
5. No such thing as "Israeli-Palestinian" peace
Jake   (11.20.19)
One identity cannot coexist with the other, on one small piece of land claimed by both groups. Israeli-Arab peace is possible, once the Arab nations stop being greedy, and "settle" for the 97% of Middle Eastern land that they have.
6. Yehudah & Shomron
Mab Seren ,   Brecon UK   (11.20.19)
At this point in the 'Tertio Millennio Adveniente', after winning 3 wars against the Arab armies and with the experience acquired after the cunning, grandiloquent and failed 'Great Jubilee 2000' ofensive, any threat to Israel is born empty of content and is fatally doomed to collapse. What else can nations do to us that they have not tried?

The People who have not known peace since Varus was appointed Roman governor of Syria, the state that has lived in war since the day after its foundation in 1947 ce, is perfectly prepared both militarily and psychologically to deal with any kind of aggression ... even diplomatic.

Having reached its critical point of maturity, Israel has overcome all the fears inherent in the growth and development of a "pariah state" born against the will of the nations that opposed its creation, which not by chance are the same ones that sponsor and finance the "people" who they invented to destroy Israel 'as if they were offering a service to their god.'

Perhaps the time has come when nations should fear Israel as much or more than Israel does the nations ... even diplomatically.
7. The Holy See = the Unholy Shit, has NOTHING to say in
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.21.19)
Israels affairs, these ancient Jew haters still hope for destruction of Israel...UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Question: Was there peace on the horizon before US move?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.21.19)
9. The new Non-anti-Semitic Covenant
Rabbi I. Lovetsky ,   Ukraine   (11.21.19)
Jorge Bergoglio should summon Sanders, Corbin, Erdogan, Liberman and Lapid for a meeting in the Vatican in order to create the first universal League of Non-anti-Semitic critics of Israel, based on the following principles.

* The first man created by G-d wasn't Jewish but Palestinian.
* The Tanach is the collection of lies devised by us, the Haredim, to steal the land that G-d promised the Palestinians.
* The Haredim aren't Jews but children of the Devil.
* Every Jew is an extraordinary being, all but us the Haredim, who should be excluded from the human race or sent to Western Australia.
* Every Jew who commits to improve the dignity and rights of Palestinians will have the same rights as a Gentile throughout the world, without the need to convert to Christianity or Islam.
10. All support Jewish+Pal state.Pals reject it.Case closed.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.21.19)
If you can't get Palestinians to accept that peace results in Jewish and Palestinian states then what is there to talk about? The supporters of Jewish and Palestinian states are simply ignorant. For Palestinians, 2 states means a Muslim Israel and a Muslim West Bank. Ask them otherwise. For public relations they just say 2 states.
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