Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Israel sends rare message to Tehran, Damascus and Moscow
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 23.11.19, 08:37
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1. Mr Bennet is right man at right time I like him and Mr Cohen
Alan ,   SA   (11.23.19)
2. nothing unusual about it, just firm
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (11.23.19)
there is no sense in giving warnings, in war warnings and threats are ignored.
Only firm action counts, and that was what happened here.
3. The eye teeth of the terrorists must be extracted
ksm ,   Jerusalem   (11.23.19)
Come hell or high water.
4. The Signs of the Times
Dwr Byw ,   Dwr Cymru, UK   (11.23.19)
A new era is approaching in which the unborn and those who are no longer will congregate en masse at the crossroads of the worlds to come alive, but not to waste time with ancient and modern vulgarities, but to taste the waters that never satiate, the waters that gush forth from the well of health and youth, just the well to which the following verses refer:

So it is told in the Book of the Wars of the Lord:
What He gave at the Sea of Reeds [Red Sea] and the streams of Arnon,
And the spilling of the streams that turned to settle at Ar and leaned toward the border of Moab.
From there to the well; that is the well of which the Lord said to Moses,
Gather the people, and I will give them water.
Then Israel sang: Ascend, O well, sing to it!
Numbers 21:14–17.

Blessed are all who are lucky enough to know these wonderful waters.
5. Who will manage the relationship w/Putin if
Steve g ,   Teaneck   (11.24.19)
Israel sacks Bibi? Gantz? Lieberman? Odeh? Is Israel stupid?

How will Israel deal with Russia with a Democrat in office? Pick any one. Every single one will tear down the Iranian sanctions so Iran can improve their missiles and buy modern planes, etc from Russia and China.

Liberal American Jews hate Trump more than they love Israel. (If live is the right word)
HERMAN ROSEN ,   HOLLAND   (12.13.19)
Salami is terrified of Israel's retaliations...Iran is not as powerful as their

puffed up speeches tell their populace...They are nothing more than a

bunch of gangsters....with godfathers called Mullahs

Any attack on an Israeli population center would disaster for Tehran
7. IDF
Mr joey Ledas ,   near los angeles   (12.28.19)
If necessary, I pray the IDF has the strength and courage to confront our enemies with our full military capabilities and this includes the Russians. In defense of Judea/Samaria and according to the Zionist military doctrine of Jabotinsky. Our enemies have been trying to wipe us out since biblical times adnauseum. Google... Arch of Titus...for a photo. And, Happy Hanukkah to all.

8. Yeat's predicted that thid would happen
What Strange Beast slouch's towards Bethlehem to await the hour of it's Birth
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