AG indicts Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of trust
Ynet, Agencies
Published: 21.11.19, 18:23
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1. A sad day for Israel and best PM who had no bribery benefit
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.21.19)
Dark times await Israel the incoming years if no half capable leader as Netanyahu rises
2. Politically motivated hit job
David ,   New york   (11.21.19)
Israel’s deep state
3. Bibi‘s retirement would solve the current deadlock.
4. bravo! someone is brave enough to take responsibility
doda ,   ta   (11.21.19)
and show that no-one is above the law
5. Not for the loser.
PermReader   (11.21.19)
The justice just for the winners( Trump said).
6. Another shameful episode in our history
pgr   (11.21.19)
One former prime minister, one serving prime minister, a former state president - two already convicted with time served.

It cries out for deep reflection on the country's moral values. How is it possible that there is no prohibition on either convicted criminals or those indicted under suspicion sitting in our parliament?

How is it possible that a man who called for the resignation of Ehud Olmert for this very reason should fail to follow his advice and, for the sake of the country, resign as a matter of honor?

What kind of society has been created in which law breaking is indulged as "just a part of Israeli character." That the very people who gave the world the Ten Commandments as a moral code, who boast the most moral army in the world, who refer to themselves as a light unto the nations, have for so long allowed law breakers to be their law makers?

But the voters did, this last time, vote with their feet. They're getting more and more uncomfortable with the choices presented to them. They're asking for better.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls. They toll for Netanyahu, for Aryeh Deri, for David Bitan, for Haim Katz, for anyone else who think they have a given right to enrich themselves on the backs of others.

7. The Left would rather destroy the country than cede power.
Jake   (11.21.19)
Make no mistake, this is nothing more than a 'deep state' coup, to overthrow a PM, because he is a great PM and unbeatable in elections.
8. Attorney General Should sit in jail
GSW ,   London   (11.21.19)
Mandelblit sat on this until the day after Ganz returned the mandate to from a government to the President. He withheld the indictments for political reasons. This is a shocking abuse of power and interference of the judiciary in politics. Who indicts the Attorney General?
9. find the breach of trust, the fraud (1000,2000)
C   (11.21.19)
how can the receipt of gifts from long standing friends be considered
fraud or breach of trust.
why is it that help with getting a ten year visa be considered fraud
or breach of trust. did john kerry commit breach of trust by helping
milchan has done much for the state of israel. his help cannot be
stated given its private nature.
what can be said is that netanyahu and milchan have been friends
and associates for a long time during which they helped each other.
the tata project came to nothing given the objection of the defence
establishment. since the defence establishment could stop the tata
project, it is not possible to claim either fraud or breach of trust.
there can be no crime unless a crime was committed and proven.
a thought crime exists only in authoritarian countries where the
leader has absolute power.

in the mozes case, it is alleged that prime minister netanyahu and
the publisher of ynet, discussed in private mutual assistance.
mozes would give netanyahu favourable coverage in ynet and
netanyahu would weaken the distribution of israel hayom
none of this actually happened. indeed, ynet remains a left wing
anti-netanyahu paper.
10. alleged bribery(4000)
C   (11.21.19)
netanyahu is accused of firing the minister of communications director
so as to hire his own man. allegedly, this was done to improve the
reporting by walla news site of netanyahu.
even if this is true, the prime minister has the right to choose his own
ministers. all leaders attempt to improve their own political standing.

the claim that netanyahu and his wife sarah interfered in the reporting
about netanyahu on bezeq's website wallah is another allegation.
such interference, if true, is not acceptable.
is not acceptable.
11. Reminds me of what is going on today in America.
DSM ,   USA   (11.21.19)
A hit job by the deep state who don't agree with the PM's policies. Israel will suffer in the long run and be an easier target for her enemies.
12. Is this a joke?
Bar Star ,   Haifa   (11.21.19)
"Netanyahu accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars of champagne and cigars from billionaire friends". From now on everybody is guilty until proven innocent if you accept cigars and champagne from friends.
13. Quid pro quo needs to be proven
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.22.19)
Where is the bribery on gifts if no State favors given in return?
14. AG must investigate half t Knesset for similar actions
15. The indictment is a BAD joke and politically motivated !!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.21.19)
16. When war begins and Israelis are dying blame the deep state
17. Maybe he'll quit if we bribe him..
(12.16.19) only a negative bribe. Ironic!
18. Mrs
Jane ,   USA   (12.16.19) a negative bribe...Ironic!
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