Netanyahu rival Sa'ar makes official request to hold Likud leadership race
Moran Azoulay
Published: 24.11.19, 09:45
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1. Seeing Netanyahu is leading the Likud
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.24.19)
In a downward spiral at last the Likud might realise that hitching your horse to a broken wagon will get you nowhere.Saar has an excellent chance to put some life into the party and may have a chance to form a government with Blue and White and Lieberman,without,however the religious parties.The majority whether right or left are tired of the religious hold on key ministries.Time for Israel to separate politics from religion.
2. Move over people and let Ayelet Shaked take over!!!
3. The judiciary and prosecution have their puppet in place
Daniel ,   TA =- IL   (11.24.19)
and its name is gideon saar!
Israel is a judicial dictatorship that resembles the ussr!By the way, all of us should be scared. israel has a higher conviction rate than the ussr or germany in the 1940-ies.... is 'our' prosecution that good or is our judiciary that incompetent, or worse, do they decide before a case comes to court and not based on evidence!
4. Venomous Witch-Hunt at PM by Saar & his friends & the Media.
TheWall   (11.24.19)
It's a replica of a similar WITCH-HUNT at President Katzav.
Dirty filthy disgusting attacks at PM under direction of Saar and corrupted police.
Every single accusation against Netanyahu is A dirty LIE. FAKE.
5. My Thoughts As An Israeli From A Muslim Background
Proud Israeli   (11.24.19)
I don't think Bibi should be jailed after all what he did for this country. He gave his life for it and doesn't deserve to receive this treatment. I myself voted for Blue and White because I think the government should be secular without religious influence on it. So I do hope that at this point in time, some kind of a secular coalition can be in place to form a government. We need to think about what is best for Israel because we are a state in the middle of a sea of enemies. So make a government already, we don't have the privilege to drag this any longer. What is wrong with our politicians?!
6. Not being able to form a government in the last 2 elections
jrebecca   (11.24.19)
Ignoring the indictment, Netanyahu could not form a government in the last two elections. That alone is suffice to look to a new leader of the party.
7. Sharks smelling blood in the water
Avi L,   (11.24.19)
8. Replica of Pres. Katzav spectacle: fabrications, filthy lies
TheWall   (11.24.19)
Every single "witness" at President Katzav trial was A Prostitute or somebody who was ready to be paid and after that to disappear out of Israel.
ALL of them were paid Millions of dollars and one-way ticket to any country they wanted to go.
It's a replica process today against Netanyahu and his colleagues.
Behind this WITCH HUNT are those interested in his demise: those in Likud who are sickly jealous of Netanyahu's amazing and incredible success in leading Israel, in his extreme world wide popularity, and his unlimited abilities to deal on highest political levels on the international arena.
9. if it's all a lie and fake
simon ,   haifa   (11.24.19)
why is bb running scared and employing expenive lawyers to defend him.
Or may be he is just a coward, a liar, a man not to be trusted. We will find out soon, hopefully.
10. WITCH-HUNT at PM who became a welcome guest in every country
TheWall   (11.25.19)
Saar is a MO.F.
He is digging under the seat of Netanyahu, he is spreading LIES and other falsifications, he is the director and producer of this ugly dirty WITCH HUNT.
11. No, all of us sacrificed in exile
Adam   (11.25.19)
All Jews are descendants of Jews who sacrificed for the Jewish people during the exile, neither more nor less than the Haredim.
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