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Just in time for Christmas, wooden manger relics heading from Rome to Bethlehem
Published: 24.11.19, 09:52
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1. Competition between Catholic & Greek churches in Bethlehem
$$$$$$ ,   Jerusalem   (11.24.19)
Greeks have the star most visitors go there now they have competition with showing Catholic Church same cave grotto only thin all separates the two most of the
year all “ historic” churches Greek Catholic Armenians Coptic etc and Anglican and Lutheran ridicule and even physically attack one another only one common point of unity hatred of Israel and Jews ..the real victors are the Moslem Palestinian Tour guides allowed to guide in Israel only a few Jewish guides allowed to guide in Palestine areas majority of ALL guides and tour bus drivers and companies in tourism in Israel are Moslem
Palestinian who use their Israeli permits to propagandize against Israel and Jews
Welcome to the “ Mysterious Land Of israel “
2. This looks like another palestinian gimmick
Jake   (11.24.19)
The devil is in the detail:

"There was no immediate confirmation from the Vatican. But Amira Hanania, a member of Abbas's Higher Committee of Churches Affairs, said the relics would arrive on November 30, the day the Palestinian town traditionally lights its Manger Square Christmas tree."

In other words, this entire article rests on claims made in palestinian sources, with no confirmation from the Vatican itself.
It remains to be seen what will actually happen on November 30, but if I had to hedge my bets, I would say that the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome (one of the world's most important sites in Catholic Christianity), there is no way it would be willing to part with its most prized relics.

Similar modern attempts by Moslem states (such as Turkey) to recover the relics of saints (like St. Nicholas and St. Mark) that had been smuggled to Christendom during the Middle Ages to avoid their plundering by Moslem armies , have been been rebuffed.
3. Historical move?
esther   (11.24.19)
Yes in fact it would be, if the tiny piece of wood would have brought back to Beth Lehem HaGlilit. This place seems to be more credible, being only some small miles away from Nazareth to be the homeplace of the little jewish boy called Jesus.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.24.19)
5. Ethnic cleanse Christians than use them for profit?

The pope has allied with Islamic leaders who are party to the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Christians throughout the near east and Africa. Gaza and Bethlehem are local examples.

First they ethnically cleanse most of Bethlehem of Christians, now they try to use Christianity to encourage tourism and to attack Israel and Jewish history.
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