Netanyahu ignores charges during first cabinet meeting since indictment
Published: 24.11.19, 16:38
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1. Whilst all of us know that
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.24.19)
Iran is a problem,going on and on about it whilst diverting the attention away from his own problems is not the mature or normal behaviour of most people.Bibi is a worried and troubled person hanging on in his old age to basically all he has left in life.Hiding the reality is not a reasonable or stable attitude for me governing a country.Guilty or not at the first wiff of trouble he should have stepped down.
2. Larry on Facebook
Simon ,   Haifa   (11.24.19)
The problem is that he is not the prime minister, he is acting prime minister. He can't form a government and therefore can't make any executive decissions.
He is a caretaker, a janitor if you will. It's time for him to understand that slowly but surelythe country is turning against him. If Likud don't do something soon we are going to loose an important party to the devil.
3. Israel is facing the Trump syndrome!
Eric ,   Montreal   (11.24.19)
So sad...
4. These allegations are FABRICATIONS !!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.25.19)
5. Life @Likud: willing slaves to their dictator!
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