Tennenbaum demoted to private
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 25.06.07, 10:53
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1. BottomLine::...captured in Dubai by Hizbullah...
KMR ,   Middle East   (06.25.07)
2. #1 - Bottom Line - He's a Drug Dealer
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.25.07)
He should keep his trap shut and climb back under his rock. He's home, and other decent young men are either dead or rotting away.
3. Cut his pension too!
Nadav ,   Misgav   (06.25.07)
A small step, I am just worried that this criminal is still enjoying his full army pension. I hope someone will think about this too.
4. Demote him?
Talula ,   Israel   (06.25.07)
Cancel any record of him ever serving in the IDF is more appropriate. He's a scum bag.
5. Private Tennenbaum
Frank Taylor ,   Netanya   (06.25.07)
Even that rank is too high for him. He should be stripped of any rank.
6. Private Drug Dealer?   (06.25.07)
7. The worst deal Israel ever did.
Alan ,   SA   (06.25.07)
8. The rotten apple ( Tannenpomme )
Yiannis Kareklas ,   Athens , Greece   (06.25.07)
I remember Tannenbaum's kids were begging the israeli authorities to pressure Hizbullah by all means to have their father freed. I wonder what they think about their father now. For me as it should be for all israelis , this man is of a lower category than a roach.Give him back to Hizbullah to play with him.
9. Any other country would of kicked him out of the army
freejay ,   Israel   (06.25.07)
except corrupt Israel!!! And he has the chutzpah to appeal???????? Why isnt he in jail for drug dealing?
10. Compassion
Guy ,   Israel   (06.25.07)
would serve you all better. The man served four years in Prison in Lebanon. The man is down and out with no hope for the future, finished, never to raise his head again for his children and what do you all do, trample on him while he is lying in the gutter. Shame on you.
11. #10 - Guy - compassion
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.25.07)
My compassion is with the boys who went MIA when serving their country, not some drug dealer who travelled to Arab countries to line his pockets. I think he returned to Israel as the fattest POW in history. And if he gave no thought to his family when he did what he did, it's not my job to do so. You want to feel sorry for someone and someone's family? You have three boys who didn't return from Sultan Yakub, Ron Arad, and the three lost boys from last summer. My heart beats the bluest of blue borscht for Tannanbaum, to use an old Bronx saying.
12. Compassion my a**
Andre ,   Australia / Israel   (06.25.07)
This man is a criminal that did not spend a single day in prison for the crimes he committed. If he was kidnapped its due to his own criminal activities. He already got all more than he deserved when he was allowed to come back alive...
13. this tennenbaum sh...t........................!
joe   (06.25.07)
A colonel in the IDF ?. It just shows what the army has become, and the Courts, and thr Govt. The gutters.....!
14. 11 - Well said Dotty, couldn't agree with you more
Talula ,   Israel   (06.25.07)
Tennenbaum is a greedy low life. Yep, his life is all but over, he has nothing to live for, he is a disgrace to his country - and is regarded by many as a piece of filth. He can only hold HIMSELF accountable for his actions. They need to swap him for our soldiers, but the thing is, no-one wants him now - they know his life isn't worth squat. Feh!
15. 8
I believe his family stood by him. Which puts them in the same category as him - a lower life form.
16. # 11 Dorothy
Guy ,   Israel   (06.25.07)
I agree that he should be where he is, in the gutter. All I said is there is no need to trample him and grind him into the ground to boot. The man is suffering and will suffer for the rest of his life. Why add to this. Expressing joy at another man's suffering and then adding some salt of your own does not contribute to you being a better person, but rather the opposite.
17. #16
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.25.07)
I have no joy over his "suffering." I don't give a hoot. There's a difference.
18. 16
Israel   (06.25.07)
Yeah, but if he hadn't have tried to make a quick buck or two selling drugs, he'd still be an aluf mishnei and he'd still have respect. He sold everything for greed. He clearly didn't value anything that much to risk it all, that includes his family. So I say we continue to party on the dirt bags expense
19. #2(DorothyFriend)..I highlight Hezbollah presence in Dubai !
KMR ,   Middle East   (06.25.07)
20. Who's zooming who?
Persian CAT   (06.25.07)
This poor guy is being punished because he botched the job, He was obviously an agent trying to get inside the Hez somehow. Now the Israeli government wants to sweep him under the carpet. Please don't insult our intelligence, NO ONE does this kind of operations on his own! BTW he was not the only one who crewed up. Let's go little further up the chain of command, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the level of incompetence in the Israeli so-called intel serives.
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