Israeli Arabs: Abbas lacks mandate to make concessions
Roee Mandel
Published: 28.11.07, 21:48
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1. Acceptable solution for all => Status quo
KMR ,   Middle East   (11.28.07)
The show must go on.......
stude ham   (11.28.07)
3. When all fails, Hey, take another Pole,for the PLO,!!
Roy c.Hudson ,   Pittsburg USA   (11.28.07)
They will need a lot of them before this thing is over, They are on the last leg of this thing ,Ezek,38/39 is on the way to Jerusalem. That will make History. That Pole has been taken on the PLO ,Ruskie,Iran,etc. Which every way they come it will take it's Toll on the whole in that Phase. God will save a Remnant of Israel according to the Hebrew Book Cut to the Facts ok? RCH "USA
4. Arabs not interested in peace making.
joseph ,   Canada   (11.28.07)
They only want an islamic state.
5. Olmert is not in better situation
The right wing and Shass will spoil any progress in the peace deal or he will face the the same what happend to mr. Rabin (God bless him) .
6. strip them of their rights as Israeli citizens.
5th colomn needs no rights
7. As Israeli-Arabs, Abbas does not represent us at all....
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (11.28.07)
Not sure why the survey waht put together in that way. But for us, israeli-Arabs, the core issues are the ones that affect our daily life. Recognizing israel as a jewish state is a non issues, jerusalem i s a non issue, (unless u r a member of the islamic movement). Equality with the jews is an issue, territorial swap of areas inhabited by Israeli-Arabs is an issue and abbas has no mandate to negotiate on our behaf.
8. Concessions???
Natan   (11.28.07)
Palestinians don't now the meaning of the word "concessions" They don't come to the table to negotiate but to demand!!!That is one of the reasons that there is no peace and never will be!!! Since the so called "negotiations" started in 1993 there has not been not even ONE concession made by the Palestinians. We are watching a re-run...
9. OK ,Give "pals" Popcorn, Soda & HotDogs
Jim Storkle ,   Calper, US   (11.29.07)
beers are $6.75
10. Rami, why does over 80% Arabs in Israel support Palestinians
AK   (11.29.07)
Those people answered the survey and while you may be in that 20%, the vast majority roots for Israel's destruction. If you want to live in an Arab dominated state, you must live and there are currently 22 states to choose from, and if Abbas, Bush and the Arab World have it their way, soon there'll be 23. Time to choose sides, buddy.
11. Question for Rami #7
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (11.29.07)
I'm confused - are you saying Abbas is supposed to represent Israeli Arabs? If so - is that even possible for him to accomplish? I thought Israeli Arabs were represented by seats in the Knesset.
12. Abbas has less of a mandate than Olmert.
Avraham ,   Netivot   (11.29.07)
That's not saying to much.
13. and you wonder why things never change?
Cameron ,   USA   (11.29.07)
The day begins with pathology and ends with pathology.
14. abbas has power to do 1 thing: take concessions from Israel
dante   (11.29.07)
this is not a matter of opinion. there is much persuasive, if not conclusive, evidence that abbas does not want peace with Israel as a Jewish State. but, if one were to assume that he did, annapolis would still be a farce because abbas has the power to do only one thing, i.e., accept Israeli concessions. abbas does not have the power to deliver on any promises that he might make. yet, the well-meaning fools of the American and Israeli governments make plans for Israel to make "painful concessions" to the papier mache president of the p.a. when he has extracted as much as he can from Israel, he will be deposed and, at that time, all the foolish concessions will fall into the hands of animals who are unambiguously at war with the Jews.
15. "Israeli" Arabs should switch to palestinian citizenship
Aaron ,   Ra'anana   (11.29.07)
16. there is no human alive that could have an arab mandate
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.29.07)
only the leaders of particular individual sub-groups have any influence, but that influence is limited to their particular followers. then from there, everything breaks down. infighting everywhere, even in their own ranks. so while saying that abbas has no mandate may be true, it must also be said that there is no mandate amongpalestinians. or israeli arabs. or any representative of any broad group of arabs.
17. None of the leaders at Annapolis have a mandate
Bush has an abysmal approval rating, Olmert is hated by just about everyone with members of his own coallition regularly protesting against him, and Abbas is completely powerless - not only to end Hamas terror, but also to control the military branches of Fatah. This is all just one big scam to attempt to boost the approval ratings of three unpopular leaders. ---------------------------------- The Jewish People have, for over 3,300 years, been a distinct people. We are bound together spiritually by our shared religion, emotionally by our shared history, linguistically by our shared language, ethnically by our shared ancestry, culturally by our shared traditions, and by our connection to our ancient homeland - Israel. For over two-thousands years, however, the Jewish nation has been dispersed and divided throughout the Earth, being unable to interact with each other or communicate effectively. However, due to the advent of the internet and other technology, we are today able to communicate instantly with others regardless of their geographical location. The intent of this website is to facilitate this communication and interaction by building up a large online Jewish community and thus to build stronger ties between Jews all over the world. Not only can this website serve as a means to build friendships and facilitate communication between Jews, but it can also serve as an avenue for the Jewish people to coordinate efforts on issues of mutual concern. As the online community grows, we will be able to work together towards fighting antisemitism, raising funds for Jewish causes, political activism, and many other important issues facing the Jewish People and the world today. We welcome and encourage Jews of all backgrounds, denominations, degrees of observance, and political leanings to join the community and contribute to our goal of building a stronger, more united Jewish nation.
18. to 11
tFighterPilot   (11.29.07)
Rami said that Abbas does not suppose to represent Israeli Arabs because they are Israeli and not Palestinians.
19. #10 what you call "Israeli-Arabs" are Palestinians
Samir   (11.29.07)
Your question is, how shall I put it, not very intelligent. It would be the same as asking "how come 80% of the Jews in the world support Israel?" Arabs living in Israel are Palestinians, hence they are supporting their nation.
20. to # 10: No israeli-arab calls for israel's destruction..
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (11.29.07)
...I think you are ferering to the Iranian president. We Israeli-Arabs see our future in Israel (the jewish state if you will). No one in our community calls for israel's destruction
21. Rami,20#, if all Israeli Arabs were like you
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (11.29.07)
or my Druze friends in the Golan then I would believe you. Yet unfortunately it is naive of you to believe that there are no Israeli Arabs who want Israels' destruction. I suggest you go to the next Islamic rally in Umm El Fahm and listen carefully what is said.
22. Samir - AK did ask a good question
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (11.29.07)
It is different to say to compare Jews support of Israel - we don't do that INSTEAD of supporting our home countries, we are not enemies. At this point, if Palestinians are still enemies - and an Israeli Arab supports a Palestinian country INSTEAD of Israel then they are being disloyal to their home country - Israel.
23. #19
if vthey are supporting their nation and not israe4l, then why are they 6,000 of israeli arabs last month) SCRAMBLING TO THE IMMIGRATION OFFICE IN ISRAEL TO MAKE SURE TO GET A PERMANENT ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP SO THAT THEY DO NOT HAVE TO GO LIVE IN THEIR FUTURE PALESTINIAN STATE. some loyalty, no?
24. 19 - you are completely wrong
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.30.07)
arabs living in israel are arab israelis. just ask the ones who love israel and support israel against the palestinian entity. you should speak about what you know, not what you don't know.
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