Shoe thrown at Israeli ambassador in Sweden
Daniel Edelson
Published: 05.02.09, 12:17
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1. I wish all officials thrown by shoes due to Gaza agression
Shaalan J ALDhafair ,   KSA   (02.05.09)
jj   (02.05.09)
he has given us..... his shoe! -Monty Python, the Life of Brian. these shoes were made for throwing and thats just what theyll do and one of these days these shoes are going to be thrown at you. ah, so many jokes, so little time. lovin it.
3. This incident is an expression of the attackers culture
rebecca ,   modiin   (02.05.09)
Or lack of it. it is an expression of just how much free speech they allow.
4. The shoe simply doesn't fit!...
Raoul ,   Israel   (02.05.09)
Try it for size on Hamas!
5. so many shoes
vashDi ,   israel   (02.05.09)
so little time
6. people of darfur would gladly collect your shoes & not throw
7. deserved
Avi ,   Israel   (02.05.09)
he deserves it, there was a wrong-doing from our part.. and this is how history treats us ....
8. facts
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.05.09)
if they were arrested, why doesn't this article identify them? were they swedish or arab? and why didn't the ambassador stress the issue of free speech? this was a physical assault, aimed to shutting him up, rather than a demonstration for a different point of view, and as such, it represents a threat to the freedom of speech of all swedes. so long as sweden claims to be a democratic western country, they shouldn't allow arab censorship of the truth.
9. Israel should invest heavily in shoe industry
Saul   (02.05.09)
to paraphrase VI Lenin, sell them the shoes...
10. The real issue is....
Marco ,   Spain   (02.05.09)
Did the shoe connect with the target?
11. Don't arabs usually take off their shoes
merlin ,   boston,usa   (02.05.09)
before they run away? When will they stop trying to slay the Jews and drive them into the sea? Enough already.
13. israelie ambassador in sweden
Stella Goodwin ,   uk   (02.05.09)
I continually struggle to find any justification by israel for its illegal and immoral campaign against the Palestinians. Please correct me if l am wrong but l thought every refugee had the right to return to their homes. Why should the Palestinians be denied this right by the international community? Israeli governments continually state that it is their home land but if one were to only look at maps of the region dating back 60 or 40 years one would see a different picture. The victor always chooses his own history but while Palestine was under British rule we did state that no other foriegn nation would rule them. Tired of the second world war Britain did not have the will or strength to fight for Palestinian rights against the insurgence of fleeing Jews. One has to remember that it was not the Palestinians who persecurted the Jews that triggered the exudus from Europe but us in Europe. now it is they that suffer.
14. These are the imbeciles that Israel has to contend w
Ingmar Ljones ,   Stockholm   (02.05.09)
15. Was it a Turkish shoe?
E   (02.05.09)
Did it match the shoe thrown at Bush?
16. Soon people will be required to take off shoes
Avi ,   Geneva   (02.05.09)
before being allowed to enter conference rooms. This is a ridiculous new addition to world culture, for which we have an Arab to thank!
17. #8-I agree
Ypip ,   Canada   (02.05.09)
Shoes can be grenades.
18. From bombs to shoes ...
leo ,   USA   (02.05.09)
... I call it a progress. Either that or Muslims are trying to force everybody to take off their shoes before entering certain structures.
19. #13, intersting white washing of the Brits
SAM ,   USA   (02.05.09)
Have some shame, lady. Jews have lived in that area continuosly for centuries. Jerusalem had a HUGE jewish quarter for a very long time. The Brits made promises to both Jews and Arabs and obviously did not plan on keeping any of them (as usual). Your history is very distorted. Both Jews and Arabs were attacking British troops. That is why the Brits left the Palistine mandate. Read a book and learn something. Dont you have any shame? Ireland,India, Africa should I go on? What the British did in Ireland was much worse than what is happening to "Palistinian" Arabs. Or did you even know or care what happened to Palistinain Jews for all those centuries as Dhimmi. Just think, the Brits could have aided the Irish at the time of the famin, but didnt. How cruel was that? Have some shame. The Brits have a huge legacy in starting the problems in the middle east which is still going on today. Shame on you, lady.
20. Attack sponsored by a shoe making company
Jul ,   Liverpool, UK   (02.05.09)
To increase the sales ! Ridiculous childish behaviour that tells a lot about the culture of intimidation in arabic countries. These people resort to violence to prevent free speech but are very happy to demonstrate loudly at the same time.
21. Fad?
Fashion observer ,   Israel   (02.05.09)
These shoe throwers are copycats- they dont demonstrate nothing - except through their stinking feet- whats going on- first Bush, then the Chinese leader, now another one!
22. Stella Goodwin no 13
Jonathan ,   London UK   (02.05.09)
Stella Goodwin, you are an idiot. Jews have lived in Israel for well over 40 r 60 years. Tel Aviv is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Jews have lived in Israel for much longer than you seem to know. Furthermore, why does you 'historical' justification of who gets to live there start and end around "40 or 60 " years ago? Try thousands of years ago. I think you'll find that Israel was a Jewish state well before anyone even invented a people known as the 'Palestinians'. Go away, learn some history, and then form an opinion. Or if you can't be bothered, keep you misinformed gut feelings to yourself. They add nothing to sensible debate.
23. 13# Stella
Daniel ,   Rehovot, Israel   (02.05.09)
First, the palis refused to accept the 2 states solution.The refugees was told to leave by the arab armies(and I wont lie also by IDF), that was sure of their victory.Now you better not talk about 'homeland' cause there is no even doubt of who was the first one to rule the area 3000 years ago(and dont tell me there were others before cause we're the only nation/religion that survived)...The fact that they lived here since the muslim occupation doesn't make it their homeland. I don't remmember they yelled occupation when they lived under the rule of Egypt & Jordan(till 67). We always agreed to solutions but what can we do when they constantly refusing?
24. 13 stella
pher   (02.05.09)
Stella you make a valid point but remember Hamas who were voted in BY these Palestinians, perhaps didnt realise that the day after they won the election, they would kill all of the opposition. Did you know that Hama killed Yasser Arafats's brother, 50 + bulltes into him... In any event, do you know that Israelis are also suffering? Did you know that 6000 rockets have landed during the NON occupation? And lastly, Gaza gets all its fuel, electricity, gas, food, EVERYTHING from Israel, perhaps the arabs should help them too
25. #13
Madeleine ,   Israel   (02.05.09)
I think you should go read some history books. At the time of the Mandate, only Jews were referred to as palestinians - no self-respecting Arab would go by that definition. Most of the refugees ran awayat the instigation of their own leaders, having been promised that they would return victorious within 3 days after the Jews had been driven into the sea. Of course the Brits didn't have the strength to fight for palestinian rights after WWII, since, as mentioned a bove, the Jews were referred to as Palestinians and the Brits were busy expending their strnegth on stopping Jewish refugees from Europe (where they and the Europeans stood by while they were slaughtered) from reaching Eretz Yisrael - our homeland since before Christianity and Islam - an dinterring them In Cyprus, or in Atlit if they managed to reach these shores. Keep struggling, Stella.
26. Stella
PW ,   Virginia USA   (02.05.09)
You have been getting your propaganda from either leftists or Muslims...Refugees are not always allowed back, ask the Sudetan Germans or the Germans from western Poland about that...Aggressive wars have consequences, and the Arabs have theirs from the aggression of 1948. The Arabs created 800,000 Jewish refugees from 1948-1952, you have no sympathy for these refugees? From Brits like you its always the Joos who need to be punished... also check out the Arab participation in the Shoah thru the efforts of the Mufti of Jerusalem and his direct responsibility for the murder of 10,000 Jews from Hungary. So take a little time study some historical facts and stop visiting propaganda web sites and THINK FOR YOURSELF...
27. #13 learn your history
adam ,   UK   (02.05.09)
Seriously Stella - get a grip of history with a name like yours I would have thought less likely to advocate arab propaganda. So as you request I'm correcting you because you are wrong! History goes back further than 60 years! such naivety
28. hhhhhhhhh..... sorry but i like that
Jalal ,   Gaza   (02.05.09)
29. #13 Don't display your ignorance
Ted ,   UK   (02.05.09)
Dear Stella, If you care to really read about the hisory of palestine (which by the way has nothing to do with the Arab population- this is a Roman name!) You'll find that before the British mandate which commenced in 1917 (after General Alenbi took it over from the otomans), the land was almost empty and desreted (read what some explorers said about it, including Mark Twain!) the truth is that arab nomads imigrated into palestine in greater numbers only during the British mandate. In Jerusalem for example Jews were the majority through many generations including during the otoman empire period. If you look at any archeological findings this was the land of jews long before Islam was created.Even today 80% of Jordan popoulation are what you call Palestinians. The sad truth is that the Palis today are simply used as pawns by the Arabs countries against Israel(which they see as western "ivasion" into the middle east). Now in 1947 following UN decision, a 2 state solution was accepted by Israel! the Arabs as a response started the 1948 war, and this war created what is called the refugee problem, which again is a manipulation of the arabs. Look at the map as you suggest and see what is the difference in the area of Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lenanon together (that's were the palestinians came from!) compared to Israel. Now you should ask the logical question: Why the Arab countries(or their brothersas they say) which are their true home don't want them back?? why for 20 years(1948-1967- Before west bank and Gaza taken, again due to a war started by the Arabs)they kept then locked in refugee camps and didn't allow them to assimilate in their countries? while at the same time, Israel got almost all the jews who were forced out form the Arab countries, after living there for generations. The truth is that there is no a shred of evidence for any Palestinian entity, it is all a typical distortion of history made by the nuslim world, and unfortunately we here in the UK, and in Europe being to easily manpulated by PR and media (Liberal left)and fail to distinguish between friend and foe.
30. Lets see how many of these brave people
Danny   (02.05.09)
are willing to throw shoes at Assad or Haniyeh? Or Khameni... or a diplomat from the DRPK? That would have required real genuine bravery.
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