Gay tourism leaflet promotes sex shops in TA
Yoav Zeitun
Published: 18.05.09, 10:46
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1. but when straight people do that
ghostq   (05.18.09)
they r been called perverts,
2. @1, ghostq
INCognito ,   Brooklyn, NY   (05.18.09)
When have straights done that? Who called them perverts? Provide dates, sources, links. Too many people make assertions in the comments that they can never substantiate.
3. And then they complain of homophobia
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (05.18.09)
...and inequality, and of the fact that the straight population holds a bad reputation of them. Maybe their behavior justifies our sentiments? I don't mind them having Pride Parades, and them being fully integrated with society, but why can't they conduct themselves respectfully and honorably? Why shove their sex lives into anything?
4. to #2 you want to tell me that if tomorow
ghostq   (05.18.09)
I will hand pamphlets to people about the sex shopes in Israel or anywhere else in the world people won't think of me as pervert who think on sex all the time, sorry that's reality, and experience.
5. Sex sells, gay or straight
David G   (05.18.09)
6. Is this an article from Ynet in Riyadh?
berlonski ,   Berlin   (05.18.09)
7. Who cares? I'm still not quite sure why
Yoni ,   TLV   (05.19.09)
this article was written? Is YNET simply trying to create drama?
8. disgusting now we are not the holy land we are gay mecca
zionist forever   (05.19.09)
Something is seriously wrong with Israel when we start advertising abroad to promote gay tourism. Why are we fighting to keep Jerusalem united holy city and those things like old walls we want our tourists to be young hip and gay. Next think we will be changing the flag to the gay one .. maybe people will stop burning it then. Advertising sex shops as a way of promoting Israeli tourism is disgusting and if the country has any self respect they will stop distributing these maps and if the Tel Aviv municipality or government don't have the respect to do that then the European governments should do somethijng.
9. to #8 I don't care about gays...
ghostq   (05.19.09)
I just don't want noone to call me pervert when I hand out thos sex pamphlets. as I see, if I can't advertise sex shops maps, noone can, y discriminate, they want equal rights me two.
10. maybe Irans nuke will land on that party-as w/Sodom & Amora
11. Ynet! Why do you print this CRAP?!?
13. Disgusting
14. ghostq 4 , Own experience ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.19.09)
No , i think you are the perverted dark age thinker . If you will promote a town to a certain category of clients , businesses in this field will be happy to advertise . As long as those businesses are legal , no problem for sane persons
15. Zionist forever
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.19.09)
When promotion for tourism to Israel is made for a segment of the society , they will take adds from businesses in that category . Be they religious Jews , deep sea diving , Christians or GLBT . And if those GLBT , or others , come , that's only better for our economy . Yes , Jerusalem should remain the united Capital of Israel , but also free to all peacefull people , Religious or secular Jews , all religious , and also to GLBT
16. to #14 you miss my point as usull
ghostq   (05.19.09)
(you probably miss other things as well) I think sraight should also have maps from that kind.
17. ARE there gay people who don't frequent dark rooms/sex shops
I mean... If people come here as tourists and keep it in their pants or at least behind PRIVATE closed doors (not public closed doors like sex clubs) the way most "straight" people do -- I don't CARE. Gays wonder why they "get no respect"? Look at the advertisements. Look at these parades! PRIDE?!?!? There is nothing I could discern as anything to be "proud" of. So you do it with other men. Hooray. (shep nachas!) I don't care where y'all put it.... ...just don't put it in our faces. Calling attention to Israel as a world pervert destination, whatever sexual persuasion (I don't necessarily mean being "gay", but the public and anonymous sex stuff -- yeah, the Raelians and their Tel Aviv orgy too) is really denigrating to Israel. We are supposed to be known as The Holy Land, a "light to the nations".
18. And the Tel Aviv taxpayers are all PAYING for this???
19. gay tourism
Daniel Bentley ,   Ottawa, Canada   (05.19.09)
"lewd" is not an objective term. It's appearance here is out of line with norms in Israel (I am an Israeli) If words like that must appear they canm do so in an opinion piece or some posting on a weird marginal website (not Ynet)
20. To 18: Money will come in and Tel Avivians will profit
Rose ,   Netherlands   (05.19.09)
21. Religious in saunas- stop with hypocrisy
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (05.19.09)
If you'd have seen how many religious taking off their talit katan in the saunas' cloakrooms.. and how "hassidim" many are cruising at night in Jerusalem ..
22. notice no lesbians...
shira z ,   j'slm, israel   (05.19.09)
yes, sex sells... to both the straight and the gay communities - I do not take issue w advertising gay clubs, or using hyper-attractive, scantily-clad models (which, btw, the straight community does as well - ever hear of Maxim? or the SI Swimsuit mag?), but to dafka advertise, "a dark room, private booths and "relaxing massages." ?" If I were gay, I would be insulted by this... But maybe the exclusion of photos of lesbians simply proves what my daddy told me when I was 15, "All boys are scum. They're only after 1 thing." Seems like straight and gay men have something in common after all.
23. yeah lesbians should get more publicity.
ghostq   (05.20.09)
24. it's ENTRANCE-at least spell correctly your
svietka ,   eli, shomron   (05.31.09)
idiotic adverts...
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