2 Mossad operatives institutionalized
Nir Gontage
Published: 20.12.09, 11:26
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1. anything - as long as it's 'a story' - Ynet's done it again!
Frank   (12.20.09)
Why would yopu even publish such a sensitive State security issue on these pages?! Are you guys completely nuts - should it be you that should be commited?
2. small wonder
Pete ,   Bat Yam   (12.20.09)
with all the jobs they are forced to do to betray other Jews. At least these two will someday do teshuva and be forgiven
3. What did Hezbollah do to these women???
Yunan Amram ,   Israel   (12.20.09)
4. Were they in contact with Hezbollah by any chance?
Moshe ,   Israel   (12.20.09)
5. #2 Always this...
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (12.20.09)
... ridiculous and childish whining about some containers on a hill. By the way: Usually the Mossad operates outside Israeli controlled territory – and has therefore nothing to do with any "settlements."
6. Mossad operatives should be seen for psychiatric issues
Just to be save   (12.20.09)
7. #2 <- Stupid ignorant Moron
Talula ,   Israel   (12.20.09)
The Mossad deals with issues outside our boundaries - it's the Shabak that deal with internal issues. You dumb ass! Go get an education.
8. The Man in the Iron Mask.
Alexandre Dumas ,   London   (12.20.09)
9. Probably went mad listening to the E10 Mossad station
Shortwave listener ,   Israel   (12.20.09)
That lady's voice will eventually send anyone barmy.
10. the whole story sounds wierd and downright fishy
tal ,   israel   (12.20.09)
wonder what the real story is
11. I wonder
ghostq   (12.20.09)
how the media got the info, after all it's not on the billboard , sound like mental pranoia nothing more.
12. Moron Talula (Bankhead?)
Charles ,   Herzeliyah   (12.20.09)
#2 was probably referring to the Mossad perfidy against Jonathan Pollard and others
....DACON9   (12.20.09)
14. 2 Mossad operatives
Imre ,   Switzerland   (12.20.09)
Is this news or a scoop that you are publishing? I think that you should refrain to bring such news out. It is harmful.
15. Persians or Russians?
Jacob   (12.20.09)
16. This is common...
Eyes Wide Open ,   Australia   (12.21.09)
...where mind altering substances are used in conjunction with intense mind manipulation techniques in order to create mindless robotic Manchurian Candidates. Clearly these women were subjected to such MKUltra type techniques and were unable to be "brought back" I am surprised they were not just terminated, they must have some important intelligence that needs to be "retrieved" before they can be "de-commissioned"
17. the day will come ..
Jack ,   corn flakes   (12.21.09)
when the occupiers shall be occupied themselves
18. Two crazy Mossad agents.
Steve ,   Australia   (12.21.09)
They probably were exposed to something which made them realise the truth of the state they serve and had enough soul and human decency to react like normal humans would to realise they are serving a demonic cause.
19. Ever See The Bourne Identity Movies?
World Citizen ,   the world   (12.21.09)
Sometimes when you are trained to do evil things to innocent people by a corrupt intelligence agency it messes with your mind. I hate to be blunt but the fact that at least one of them was good looking means that she was probably having sex with anyone the Mossad thought was a source of foreign military and state secrets. That kind of life can mentally screw one up (pun intended).
20. Going public?
Paul ,   Cairns Australia   (12.21.09)
Wonder what they were taking public before they got silenced.
21. 2 Mossad operatives institutionalized
jogee ,   india   (12.22.09)
One has to wonder what these women said or did to cause Mossad to commit them to a mental institution, or if this is some kind of punishment/warning on some issue about which they were about to go public. That two Mossad agents were institutionalized in a very short period of time is very interesting.
22. Israels state secret. Messiah.
Insider ,   Insider   (12.23.09)
They have a paranormal man in Israel. If you met him and realized who you were meeting, you would never be able to sleep again. Look up Dajjal.
23. who's fooling who?
sol kashberg ,   tel aviv   (12.24.09)
This story is obviously untrue/deceptive. How can I know this? Because Israel's secret service is famous for not telling anything to anyone ever. Why would they suddenly tell so much? And Ynet probably knows it's untrue- a planted story- and is acting on Mossad's request in publishing it. God alone knows what tricks they're up to.
24. Sweet
Matt   (06.20.12)
Start out with a lie unbelievable that all else is hard to believe, I am a virgin even you have a kid, I have red hair even if is blonde who do you work for. And always have a fake operation in planted.
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