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Trip to the Past
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Youth village from behind the lens

Aryeh Yaakobi documented youth village of Meir Shfeya in 1947. His photographs reveal the small, beautiful moments: A classroom lesson, agriculture work, and the students and guides' leisure time
Nadav Man

World War II in Europe is over. Aryeh Yaakobi, who served as an aerial photographer in the United States army, is released from military service. He considers a profession in photography and decides to immigrate to the Land of Israel in 1946.


You can read about Ayrhe's documentation of WWII from the air and from the ground in the previous articles: Getting to know Aryeh and his work, photos from the US Air Force base in Britain, and air raids across Germany.


After immigrating to Israel, Aryeh chose to conduct a take a series of photos in the Meir Shfeya Youth Village in the north of the country, where he documented the people, landscapes and activities in 1947.


Here is a selection of these moving photos. Unfortunately, we have no information on the identity of the photographed people. If you recognize anyone and can shed some light on the names of the places and people in the pictures, please use the photos' numbers and the talkback feature to let us know.











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