Israel sees 6 more coronavirus deaths, ventilated as virus surges on

As infection rate continues to increase, Health Ministry appoints its former director general, Prof. Gabriel Barbash, as 'coronavirus project manager,' which will most likely oversee Israel's coronavirus testing system

The Health Ministry on Sunday reported that since midnight, another six people died from complications related to coronavirus and six more patients had been put on ventilators.
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  • The ministry said the country's death toll now stands at 406, with 238 patients remaining in a serious condition, of which 62 require respiratory assistance through ventilators.
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    מעבדות לבדיקת קורונה של צה"ל
    מעבדות לבדיקת קורונה של צה"ל
    IDF's coronavirus testing center
    (Photo: AFP)
    The report added that on Saturday 1,414 people tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the number of active patients currently ill with the disease to 27,729.
    At least 20,236 coronavirus tests were conducted on Saturday, putting the contagion rate at 7% once again.
    In the meantime, former CEO of the Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv, and former Director-General of the Health Ministry Prof. Gabriel Barbash on Sunday was appointed "coronavirus project manager," which will most likely oversee Israel's coronavirus testing system.
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    גבי ברבש
    גבי ברבש
    Prof. Gabriel Barbash
    (Photo: Orel Cohen)
    Current Director-General of the Health Ministry Prof. Hezi Levy, clarified that he will continue to oversee the overall campaign against the virus in the country.
    Health Ministry Yuli Edelstein announced two weeks ago that he intends to appoint a senior health official to help manage the epidemic.
    "The fight against coronavirus is difficult and complicated, an elusive enemy who knows how to hide well," said Edelstein. "The feeling that the whole world, and us Israelis as well, share is uncertainty. So, what do we do? I decided to appoint a special manager to fight coronavirus."

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