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Haredi sex photos enrage community
Ultra-Orthodox community infuriated by internet distributed pictures of haredi couple engaging in oral sex
Photographs of a haredi couple engaging in sexual acts were distributed over the internet in February.


The 11 photographs, which were taken by the young man seen in them, have caused quite a controversy in the hardei community. The photos show a young haredi woman performing oral sex on her partner while exposing her private parts.


The couple in the pictures was identified as haredi by their clothing. The pictures show the young woman wearing a Bet Yaakov Seminary top, while the man wore a typical Hasidic sweater.


The pictures also showed several traditional items in the background, such as a photo of a Hasidic shoe, and a well-known haredi magazine left on the couch.


“It has become the talk of the town in the haredi community. Everyone sees the pictures, is shocked by them, passes them along, and erases them. A haredi girl needs a lot of guts to be photographed in this way,” a haredi journalist said.


Members of the haredi community are on the lookout for the couple. A senior haredi businessman said that if the couple was found, they would be banished from the community.


“The evil amongst us must be exterminated before it reaches others,” he said.


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