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Son of murdered Arab: I hope Teitel never sees light of day

Ayeed Musa'af says 'Jewish terrorist' who allegedly killed his father Issa in 1997 would have been released had it not been for the fact that he also harmed Jews

"The arrest does not really console us, but we do get the sense that justice will be served to this dog," said the eldest son of Issa Musa'af, one of the two Palestinians who were allegedly killed by Yaakov Teitel of the Shvut Rachel settlement in the West Bank.


Ayeed Musa'af, whose father was killed 12 years ago while tending to his sheep, told Ynet, "My father was an innocent farmer and shepherd who never had a beef with anyone. Everyone loved him. And this settler murderer killed him within minutes."


Teitel has reportedly admitted to killing Musa'af near Hebron in 1997.


The victim's son said that following the murder he became the head of the family, which resides in the village of Khirbath a-Dirath near Hebron.


"To this day, when the grandchildren look at a photo of my father they say, 'This is my grandfather, who was murdered by the Jews.' I hope all those who were hurt by this murderer will see justice. I hope that unlike other cases, he will be jailed and there won’t be any cover-up."


Issa Musa'af was survived by his wife, their three sons and six daughters. His son said the family is considering taking legal action.


"Luckily he (Teitel) also hurt Jews, otherwise he would have already been released," said Ayeed. "I hope the fact that Teitel also hurt Jews will guarantee that he will never see the light of day."


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