Attorney Ilan Kaner
Photo: Michael Kramer
'Radiation levels were manipulated'
Attorney representing plaintiffs in Dimona nuclear plant damages case says radiation levels of workers who tested below threshold recorded as '0'

Deliberate manipulation? An attorney representing 44 former employees of the Negev Nuclear Research Center in Dimona claimed that tests results checking radiation levels in employees' urine samples were intentionally manipulated in past years.


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Attorney Ilan Kaner made the comments during a court hearing in a case meant to determine whether former employees of the institute should be recognized as the victims of work-related accidents after they were diagnosed with cancer.


According to Kaner, if a test revealed radiation levels that were bellow a certain threshold that was predetermines, the examiners would record it as 0 – even though in reality the levels might have been much higher.


Dr. Dan Litai, who served as a radiation safety engineer at center, confirmed the claim, but said it was not done in deceit.


Dr. Litai took the witness stand for the third time on Monday, undergoing long hours of questioning.


The plaintiffs and their relatives who were present at the courtroom said they feared the case would drag on for years. "We just want the truth to come out," one of the plaintiffs noted.





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