Man subdues the attacker

Judge: Find man who kicked subdued 'terrorist'

Judge instructs police to find Israeli filmed kicking mentally ill woman while she was subdued after she attacked a Jew.

A Tel Aviv district court judge on Tuesday ordered the arrest of a man seen kicking a subdued Arab woman after she attacked a Jewish man on Halehi Street in Tel Aviv, thus establishing the limitations on legitimate action after an assailant has been neutralized.



The judge decried the man's actions and said: "Even if she was a terrorist, which she wasn’t, it's unacceptable for Israelis to kick the heads of people who no longer pose a threat."


The man who was attacked holding the woman down
The man who was attacked holding the woman down


The Arab woman, who suffers from a psychiatric condition, attacked a Jewish man in Tel Aviv last week. He reactively grabbed her hand, and held her on the ground until police arrived.


While he was pressing her into the sidewalk, an unknown man walked up to the woman and kicked her head. The woman, Hadra Abu Anem, is a resident of Haifa.


The video

The video


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Onlookers who gathered at the scene called on the man stop his attacks, while others called for further violence.


The attack was caught on tape by a bystander. The district judge called on police to find the assailant and praised the man who subdued the the woman.


The woman was arrested and immediately charged. The attack was largely attributed to the woman's mental state and did not seem to have nationalist motives.


The woman was previously charged in three different cases involving violence, and had previously served out a seven-month sentence for assault.


A hearing was held on Monday after the prosecutor requested that the woman be remanded until the end of the proceedings. The court agreed and ordered that she be remanded while being kept under observation.


"Find that 'hero of Israel' who kicked a woman in the head while she was immobilized on the floor and posed no threat, and could not defend herself," Judge Shamai Becker said after watching the video.


The judge added that other citizens acted correctly by holding her to the ground and preventing her from moving.


He continued to deride the man who was seen kicking the woman's head, branding him "cowardly".


"These days are difficult and trying, attack after attack, and everyone is afraid and nervous," said the judge. "The woman, who is not a terrorist, happened to run down the street and assaulting a passerby during these times," the judge concluded.


Tamar Nevo, the woman's legal representative, said, "Bystanders mistakenly thought this was a terrorist attack, subdued the young woman and attacked her while she was helpless. The young woman was arrested and was sent to a psychiatric examination at the police's request.


"We presented the video evidence, which clearly shows that the young woman was viciously attacked by a large group, and consequentially requested that all charges be dropped," she added.


Police said of the incident that they have bene "searching for the attacker from the moment we were alerted to the possible assault of the young woman. The investigation is ongoing in an effort to track down the man. We want to emphasize during these tense times, that the moment the threat has passed, any further violent actions are prohibited, and we expect citizens not to take the law into their hands."


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