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Looking for a woman? Come to Israel
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More births than in Europe
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'Two women for every man'
Israel home to twice as many single women as men over 50, figures published ahead of International Women's Day show

Good news for aging bachelors: In Israel there are two single women for every man over 50 years of age, figures released by the Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Women show.


The data, released ahead of International Women's Day, show that in 2003 there were more women than men in Israel, with the number of single women exceeding the number of single men in every age group above 30.


The gap is even larger when it comes to the over-65 age group, with four single women for every single man.


According to the Central Bureau of statistics, the average life span of the Israeli woman is 81.5 years, while the average for the Israeli man stands at 77 years.


More births, less money


The average age of marriage for Israeli women is continually rising and currently stands at 24.2; the Israeli woman gives birth to an average of 2.9 children, which is double the average European birthrate.


In addition, the number of women who are part of the workforce is also on the rise, and reached 50 percent in 2004. However, only 18 percent of Arab-Israeli women are part of the workforce, compared to 55 percent of Jewish women who are a part of the job market.


The number of Israeli women in senior management positions has also climbed.


Toward the end of 2003, 32 percent of the country’s senior executives were women, as opposed to only 18 percent in 1988.


Also, women constituted 46 percent of the country’s attorneys and judges, compared to only 26 percent in 1988.


Despite this, half of the women in the market are still employed in traditional “female-oriented” professions, including teaching and secretarial positions.


Meanwhile, the average hourly salary for men reached NIS 44.3 (USD 10) in 2003, compared to an average of only NIS 36.6 (about USD 8) earned by women. 


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