Photo: Reuters
Hebron student clashes
Photo: Reuters
Hamas, Fatah activists clash
Confrontation comes ahead of Palestinian Legislative Council elections slated for July; meanwhile, Palestinians damage parts of West Bank security fence

Several people, including a French news agency photojournalist, were wounded in violent clashes that erupted Sunday between Hamas and Fatah student activists at Hebron University ahead of student body elections scheduled for Monday.


The violence broke out following mutual allegations regarding deviations from the allotted time for political propaganda on campus. Hundreds
of rival students began to hurl stones and sticks at each other, while Islamic Jihad student activists attempted to separate the groups.


Fatah has won the previous elections held in Nablus, Tul Karm, and al-Azhar University in Gaza, but Hamas has enhanced its political activity across the territories. On Saturday. the organization officially announced it would take part in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections scheduled for July.


“We have decided to participate in the elections, but this does not mean we would necessarily participate in government,” senior Hamas member Muhammad Razal said.


Palestinians damage fence


Hamas’ participation in the elections marks a historic move, as until now the group had refrained from participating in elections for the Legislative Council on the grounds that it was established in accordance with the Oslo Accords, which Hamas rejects. 


In another incident, Palestinians from Budrus, which is located between the West Bank town of Ramallah and the Israeli town of Modi’in, damaged another part of the security fence that runs through their village.


According to the Palestinians, the act was carried out in protest of IDF activity in the village Friday, after IDF forces interrupted a wedding that took place in the village with tear gas and shock grenades, leaving three Palestinians injured. 


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