Photo: Amit Shabi
Noam Federman: 'They won't be able to get to Gaza.'
Photo: Amit Shabi
'We'll sabotage disengagement'
Right-wing radical placed under house arrest, says measure won't deter plans to undermine disenaggement

TEL AVIV - "We are organizing violent riots in Arab villages during the disengagement plan to tie up soldiers and police officers who are supposed to remove settlements," right-wing ringleader Noam Federman declared.


In order to stymie his plan, Federman was placed under house arrest by the order of OC Central Command Maj. Gen.Yair Naveh on the advice of the Shin Bet's Jewish Department. It was the first punishment of its kind in the lead up to disengagement.


The agency has been identifying far-right activists it fears may take up arms during disengagement. It has also been collecting intelligence on subversive organizations that aim to stop disengagement by engaging in violent distrurbances.


The central fear is a provocation on the Temple Mount that could be interpreted by the Muslim population as a Jewish attempt to conquer the mosque area.


Tying up the police


In the last two months, at least 30 right-wing groups have threatened to engage in serious acts of lawbreaking to prevent police from removing settlements in Gaza and northern Samaria.


The house arrest of Federman came into force two days ago and will extend until September 1, a day after the completion of the disengagement plan.


However, Federman maintained, "It won't help them at all. I've set up a command center in my home and can do everything from here. We are working on drafting activists, so there won't be quiet anywhere."


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