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How did an IDF soldier develop such hatred?
Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Office
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Remember him? ADL tracks 'logos' and 'brand' of groups like Yassin's Hamas
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A lot of North America's Jewish bikers drive Harleys: Their mothers are so proud

Neo-Nazi soldier, Fried 'Onion,' Anti-semitic cartoons, Jewish bikers

Swastika-wearing IDF soldier, satire going too far, ADL collects terror 'logos,' nasty cartoons; motorcycle enthusiasts ride to Washington's Shoah memorial

6 May 2005


Now we've heard it all


This one has everything: the settlements, Neo-Nazis and the IDF all wrapped up in one package: A soldier from Ariel has been arrested for suspicions of belonging to a neo-Nazi group.


Wait, that's not all - his mother is also suspected of forming ties with neo-Nazi groups based overseas.


While the event is almost comical in its morbidity, it must be examined with the utmost seriousness.


The soldier and his mother immigrated to Israel four years ago from Russia, and if it took both of them such a short time to develop extreme hatred toward our country, something in the absorption process is obviously problematic.


People who are content do not normally get tattoos of swastikas - not here.


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4 May 2005


Sour 'Onion'


While The Onion is usually one of our favorite places to go for witty political satire, we think they took their sometimes dark humor a little too far this week with Dana Healy's article, "I Can't Stand It When Jews Talk During Movies."


While she may have made an attempt at humorous hyperbole with her over-the-top repetition of Jewish stereotypes, the article reads just downright insulting.


Some of the not-so-highlights...


  • "Where did these people learn to whisper? An Israeli helicopter?"
  • "That theater was as loud as an Elders of Zion meeting. Is it asking too much to expect a little courtesy from your fellow moviegoers? I guess some people just weren't raised gentile…"
  • "...If you can keep kosher, why can't you keep quiet?"
  • "… I swear, the next time a phone goes off, someone's getting a yarmulke shoved down his throat.”


Even if you like the kind of Jerry Seinfeld or Woody Allen humor in which Jews can laugh lightheartedly at their habits and idiosyncrasies, the initial suggestion that Jewish people are obnoxious movie-theater talkers doesn't work, because it's just not true. We've never felt that Jews made more noise than anyone else in the audience, but perhaps we were too busy talking to notice.


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3 May 2005


Arab anti-Semitism, global terror logos 


Grim stuff from the ADL, which has new up-to-date compilations of terror organization logos and Arab anti-Semitism as expressed in cartoons and caricatures. Cartoons are a powerful form of communication throughout the Arab world. Note: these are not pleasant images.


2 May 2005


Heaven on wheels


Jewish motorcyclists in North America are planning the International Ride of Jewish Motorcyclists to the U.S. National Holocaust Memorial Museum, with arrival timed for May 6, the day of Yom Hashoah, the memorial day for victims of the Holocaust.


The Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance is organizing the trip, and is expecting riders from Miami to Toronto for the “Ride to Remember.”


Joining the trip will be members of such “gangs” (and we say that word with a smile) as: Chai Riders, Hillel's Angels, King David Bikers, The Tribe Motorcycle Club and Yidden on Wheels (YOWies - for some reason, the only one of these groups without a website....

What we want to know is whether these bikers will do what is usual at motorcycle rallies: have their "biker chicks" flash their breasts at the crowds, drink beer and pop wheelies. Oy! How their mothers would plotz if they do.


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