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Terrorists took pride in their actions
Photo: Sebastian Shiner
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Aftermath of Hebrew University attack
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4 terrorists to lose Israeli ID cards

Interior Minister Pines-Paz decides to strip east Jerusalem residents of their permenant residency rights due to involvement in series of terror attacks; terrorists refused to express regret for their actions

JERUSALEM - Four east Jerusalem residents convicted of involvement in a series of terror attacks would be stripped of their permanent residence status in Israel, Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz announced on Tuesday.


According to Pines-Paz, the four men carried out the terror attacks by taking advantage of the freedom of movement accorded to them as holders of Israeli identification cards, Pines-Paz said.


“This constitutes a blatant breach of trust,” he said.


The four convicted terrorists have been granted the right to submit their response to the minister’s decision in the coming month, before it goes into effect.


‘It was our religious duty’


In his letter to the terrorists, Pines-Paz noted the four did not express regret for their actions and in fact took pride in their terror activity.


During the trial, cell leader Waal Qassam questioned the court’s legitimacy and said the terrorists were “proud to belong to the Jihad al-Falastin (Palestine).”


“I call on everyone to help us,” he said. “It was our religious duty, and it is Sharon and his soldiers who should be tried.”


Among other attacks, the men were convicted for their involvement in the Cafe Moment attack in Jerusalem, where 11 people were murdered, the bombing at the Hebrew University in the capital, which killed nine people, and a suicide attack at a Rishon Lezion pool hall that killed 15 people.


The four terror cell members are Waal Qassam, 32, Wasam Abbasi, 25, Muhammad Uda, 29, and Ala Abbasi, 30. All of them were sentenced to lengthy prison terms.


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