Photo: Avi Cohen
Computers confiscated by police
Photo: Avi Cohen

More spy scandal victims?

Leading cigarette manufacturer, bookstore chain may have been compromised by Trojan horse

TEL AVIV - Tip of the iceberg: The parade of victims and suspects involved in the massive business espionage “Trojan Horse” scandal continues unabated at the Tel Aviv District Police Fraud Division.


On Tuesday Avi Gabai, the CEO of Bezeq International phone company was interrogated under warning for his alleged role in the “Trojan Horse” business spy scandal along with two other company executives. 


Gabai was released following his interrogation, but he is expected to remain under house arrest for the next five days.  


Investigators suspect Bezeq International spied on competing company Kavey Zahav (Gold Lines).


Earlier, the CEO of leading water filtering systems manufacturer Tami 4 was questioned by police on suspicion of ordering information about competitors from private investigators.


Investigators wanted to talk to Danny Taragan as early as Friday, but he was not in Israel at the time.


A senior security official at local communication giant Amdocs also arrived to testify Tuesday. The high-tech company is suspected of spying against business newspaper Globes, in an attempt to elicit information from one of the journalists there.


Meanwhile, the CEO of home supply store Home Center also arrived for interrogation, in the wake of suspicions that the company spied on archrival Ace. 


Representatives of the exporters of Volvo and Honda vehicles may also testify Tuesday.


‘Hard to believe such things exist’


Earlier, the CEO of cigarette manufacturer Dubek, Aryeh Zeif, reported to police along with the company’s computer expert. Zeif presented an envelope containing a computer disk he says was used to infect the company’s computers with the Trojan horse.


“It’s so sophisticated it’s hard to believe such things exist,” he said. “The computer is completely vulnerable.”


Meanwhile investigators suspect the country’s leading bookstore chain, Steimatzky, was also victimized in the affair. Investigators have been dispatched to examine the company’s computers.


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