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Islamic Jihad: Still considered legitimate? (Archive Photo?
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PA hasn’t given up on Jihad
Palestinian Authority not happy with recent attacks by Islamic Jihad, but it wants to talk with terrorist group

Palestinian Authority officials accuse the Islamic Jihad of doing everything in its power to destroy the cease-fire with Israel while, at the same time, giving the impression that the truce will eventually fall apart.


A Palestinian source told Ynet that, over the last few days, the PA has been debating what steps to take regarding the activities of the
Islamic Jihad. Yet, the PA is not ready to stop talking with the terrorist group.


Still, there was no signing of any discussions when Palestinian police dispersed a demonstration in Ramallah by Islamic Jihad supporters. The demonstration, which police said was illegal, began after Friday prayers and denounced Israel and the continuation of the cease-fire.


The PA cops dispersed the protesters with force.


Islamic Jihad defiant


In the Jabaliya refugee camp, the Islamist movement organized a large demonstration.


During the course of which, Abu Abdallah, an Islamic Jihad representative, said that the group would obey the cease-fire only if Israel did, and would break it when Israel did.


Abu Abdallah said his group had to remain steadfast because “the Zionist enemy still continues with its crimes against the Palestinian people, crimes that cannot be ignored by the factions.”


Abu Abdallah called upon demonstrators to keep to the option of “resistance,” and said that his group kept to its ideals, primarily in the fight against “the occupation” and has paid the price with an Israeli crackdown.


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