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Police stopping buses on way to anti-pullout vigil
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Knesset Member Uzi Landau
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'Sharon turning Sderot into Tiananmen’
Stopping of buses on way to Netivot protest sparks storm in Likud; Knesset Member Ayoub Kara: This is a dictatorship

JERUSALEM - Leading anti-disengagement Knesset members at Monday’s weekly meeting of the Likud list roundly criticized Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for stopping buses from reaching a demonstration in Netivot.



Sharon responded by not saying anything, letting his ministers come to his defense.


Knesset Member Ayoub Kara led the verbal assault by declaring, “This is a dictatorship! Why are you arresting drivers?”


“You’re playing dumb,” Deputy Defense Minister Ze’ev Boim fired back.


Internal Security Minister Gideon Ezra also came to Sharon’s defense and called Kara “an instigator and inciter.”


“You don’t scare me,” responded Kara. “So what if you were deputy head of the Shin Bet.”


“You’re turning Sderot into Tiananmen Square,” anti-disengagement Knesset Member Uzi Landau said.


Likud list chairman and Knesset Member Gideon Sa’ar jumped in and called on Landau to retract what he said.


But backed up by Michael Ratzon and Ayoub Kara, Landua told Sharon, “You’re spoiling for a fight. Why did you stop buses? How can you suppress the people’s right to a legitimate demonstration? How is it that all the ministers are keeping quiet and not asking questions?”


Vigil as cover for infiltrating Gaza


"Behind this innocent vigil is the intention (of the participants) to enter Gush Katif. Therefore, it was not allowed,” explained Ezra.


However, the Likud anti-disengagement “rebels” were not impressed by Ezra’s reasoning.


“Sharon is deliberately stirring up emotions in the area,” Knesset Member Ratzon said. “He’s leading us to civil war because he’s not allowing the freedom of a legitimate demonstration.”


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