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Children wear Yellow Star
Photo: Aya Ben Amos

Chilling protest in Atzmona

Children in Gaza settlement set up six graves made of cardboard – five of them reserved for bitter enemies of Jewish nation, including Hitler and Arafat; one grave left empty

In the Harush family's backyard in the Gaza settlement of Atzmona, the family's children set up a particularly disturbing protest – six graves made of cardboard and near them posted a sign declaring the area a cemetery for the Jewish nations' enemies.


Each grave was graced with a sign bearing the name of an historical enemy, including Egypt's king Pharaoh, Hitler, and Arafat. However, the sixth grave was left empty.


Sign declares venue 'cemetery for enemies' (Photo: Aya Ben Amos)


Some may view the empty grave as a crude, implicit threat against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, by Hana Harush, 11, said "everyone can interpret this the way they wish. We're leaving it open to interpretation."


Neighbor Noa Naor added: "We thought about how we want to prepare and express our feelings towards the expulsion, and we chose this way."


The Harush family has lived in Atzmona for about 11 years and has recently built a new house in the community.


"Whatever happens, we'll leave here with a strong spirit," Hana says. "They didn't break us even when they disconnected our electricity."


'It's exactly like the Holocaust'


Notably, Harush family members also chose to wear a Yellow Star of David, reminiscent of the Holocaust, bearing the caption "A Jews doesn't expel a Jew."


"It's exactly the same like the Holocaust," says Hana. "At first they sealed off Gush Katif, then we were asked to show identity cards, and now we're being expelled from hour homes. The synagogues here will turn into mosques."


Hana's mother, Ruth, does not seem overly disturbed with the unique form of protest and says it was the children's idea.


"We wanted to allow them to express themselves, it's very important that they express themselves in the most painful moments," she said.


When asked what she will do once evacuation troops arrive, Ruth says she intends to cry and adds she will not let anyone drag her away.


"We'll leave with our heads high and go straight to our next station, the tent city near (the southern town of) Netivot, where we'll build another Gush Katif."


Meanwhile, the mother explained the use of the Yellow Stars by saying the pullout marks the beginning of a Holocaust in Israel.


"I know some people are chilled by the comparison, but the Holocaust also started with the burning of synagogues and expulsion of Jews by a democratic regime," she says.


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