Mofaz (top) says talk is cheap
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פיגוע ירי קרית ארבע צומת גוש עציון הרוגים טרמפיאדה צומת הגוש
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Benny Elon: Sharon's 'surrender government should be toppled immediately'
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Mofaz: PA must act against terror groups

Defense minister says Authority must work against terror groups, or else diplomatic process will come to a halt. Diplomatic sources say following shooting terror attacks: "It was only a matter of time. Mahmoud Abbas is not doing what is necessary, and it seems that terror organizations are trying to send him a message, that he should stop working against them." Rage on the right: Knesset Member Alon called for "Sharon's government of surrender to be toppled, which brought terror to Gush Etzion"

We demand that the Palestinian Authority move from the talking phase and actively work against the terror organizations," Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said following Sunday’s terror attacks in the West Bank.


He added that during a security assessment, which is scheduled to take place in his chambers Sunday night, decisions aimed at providing the West Bank residents with a sense of security will taken.


“As long as the terror attacks persist Israel will not be able to continue the diplomatic process with the Palestinians," Mofaz added.


Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem pointed an accusatory finger at Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas following the terror attacks in Gush Etzion and Binyamin, in which three people have been murdered and at least four were injured.


"Abass' meek approach allowed this attack. He is not doing what is necessary. It seems that the terror organizations are trying to send him a message, that he should stop working against them," a diplomatic source told Ynet.


The source added that "an increase in terror and the shift of its center of gravity to Judea and Samaria were predicted by the intelligence services. This was only a matter of time. Shooting attacks on the roads are much harder to prevent. This is more proof that not enough is being done to stop these attacks.


The prime minister received reports on the attack from his Negev ranch, while holding meetings with Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz.


Furious responses to the attacks have flooded in from the right. National Union party Chairman Benny Elon said, following the terror attack in Gush Etzion, that "the government of surrender of Sharon and his collaborators should be toppled immediately."


"He who runs away from Qassam rockets in Gush Katif brings terror to Gush Etzion," Elon added.


'Sharon and the IDF are responsible'


Knesset Member Nissan Sloniansky (National Religious Party) said: "This despicable murder attack proves to us, not for the first time, that there is no one to talk to. We are starting to pay the price for the exit from Gaza, and Hamas is increasing its activities in Samaria. The Palestinian Authority is not playing its part in the war on terror."


National Religious Party Chairman Shaul Yahalom said "The arming of Palestinians with guns and hot weaponry must be ended immediately. Plans on leaving Palestinian cities (in the West Bank) and transferring them to PA control should be shelved."


The Yesha Council released a statement in which it said: "We would like to express our sorrow for those affected in the terror attacks. In a reality in which the Arabs understand that terror brings results and its perpetrators are rewarded instead of being punished, it is no surprise that terrorism will increase on its way to obtaining more results under Sharon and his government."


The Council of the West Bank settlement of Kiriyat Arba claimed that "Sharon and the IDF are responsible for the shooting attack in Gush Katif Junction because they ease conditions for the enemy to the detriment of Jews."


"It's clear that the response to this murder will be nil, in preparation for the next escape," said the statement.


Ilan Marciano contributed to the report


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