Israelis about average in bedroom

So what is happening in your bedroom; and in the bedrooms of others? Herein are results of condom-maker Durex's ninth worldwide sex survey among 317,000 people in 41 countries, including Israel

People have sex 103 times a year on the average, according to the latest global annual survey of worldwide sex habits in 41 countries sponsored by condom-maker Durex.


After the virile Greeks (138 times a year) come Croatians (134), Serbs (128) and Bulgarians (127).


Israelis have sex 100 times a year, only slightly less than the world average, according to the survey.


Having the least sex are the Japanese (46), Singapore (73), India (75), and Indonesia (77). These results are in line with the 2004 survey, which also found Asian countries at the bottom of the list.


The most frequent lovemaking is carried out by people between the ages of 35 and 44, 112 times a year on average; among 16- to 20-year-olds it’s 90 times a year, among those 25-34 it's 108 times a year.


Losing one's virginity


The average age of sexual initiation according to the survey is 17.3 years of age. The survey reflects the fact that youngsters are having sex younger. Teens begin sexual activity by the age of 16.3 years.


The most conservative teens are in India. Sexual activity begins at a much later 19.8 years of age. Vietnamese begin sexual activity at 19.6 years, and at 18.6  in Hong Kong.


Scandinavians are active much earlier. Iceland’s teens begin having sex at 15.6 years, Denmark's at 16.1.


In Israel, sexual activity starts at 16.7 years of age, earlier than in Australia, the U.S., England and actually most countries. Germans, however, start at 15.9.


Unprotected sex


Almost half of those asked (47 percent) admitted they have unprotected sex without knowing the sexual history of their partners. Some 65 percent of 45- to 55-year-olds also have unprotected sex.


Unprotected sexual relations are most prevalent among Norwegians (73%), Greeks (70%) and Swedes (66%). Indians are the most cautious; only 21% said they had unprotected sex.


Some 41% of Israelis surveyed admitted they practice unprotected sex.


Nearly three-quarters of the people asked said that AIDS awareness needs to be increased.


Variety is spicy


Four out of ten people say they look for new ways to spice up their sex lives. The three most common are: pornographic films and magazines (41% worldwide, 34% in Israel), aromatic massages (31% in the world, 37% in Israel). Among women, 33% expressed a preference for massage, while 49% of men said they prefer pornography as a stimulus.




Predictably the bedroom is the most common place for having sex, followed by the car (50%), bathroom (39%) and parents’ room (36%).


Some 82% of Thai respondents said they prefer cars, as did 57% of Israelis.


Sexy Israeli celebrities


Israelis named model Bar Rafaeli as the sexiest celebrity; she received more than 18% of the men’s vote. In second place was model Miri Bohedana with 13.2%, and in third place was actress-model Yael Bar Zohar, with 12.9%.


For the women again, model Dudi Balsar took first place, with 22.4%; actor-model Yehuda Levy was second with 15.1 percent. Columnist Yair Lapid received 5.6% of the vote.


Face or figure


Israelis were asked what are the three sexiest parts of the body. More than half of the men (55%) said the bust is the sexiest part of a woman’s body, followed by the derriere and a shapely figure. Intelligence was important to 18.8%, followed by legs and smiles.


Women said a great body (48.3%), followed by eyes and smiles. Intelligence was considered a sexy feature by 37% of women.


Quantity or quality?


Asked the million-dollar question, there was a surprise: 85.5% of Israeli men said that quality sex was preferable to quantity. For women, 95.6% said they preferred quality to frequency.


More than a quarter of Israeli women said half a year is too long to go without sex. And 16.5% believe that three months is a dry spell. Men are a little different: 9% were ready to go half a year without sex while 12.7% felt three months is too long to wait.


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